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We don't know how else it fits.

Wil Wheaton Speaks Out On His Mental Illness (06-30-15)
No joke. The writer/director/actor speaks with UROK about his anxiety and seeking help...

Symphony Silicon Valley Walks Into Mordor... by Derek McCaw (04-06-15)
Because apparently, when you have a fellowship of 250 musicians, you CAN...

Wondercon 2015: Why, With Your Glasses You're Superman! by Derek McCaw (04-04-15)
Sires Crown Eyewear is upping your nerd repping in a big way...

Loopin' Chewie Is On Its Way To A Galaxy Near You by Ric Bretschneider (02-09-15)
Sorry, kids... you may have to fight your way through a throng of overaged fanboys...

San Francisco About To Suffer An Attack On Titan! by Derek McCaw (01-15-15)
Join the fun on February 1st as players attempt to Escape from the Walled City!

City Lights Theater Company Presents BUILD by Rebecca Wallace (01-14-15)
Lighting designer Nick Kumamoto uses new technology for sci fi gaming drama...

Salt Lake City Fan-X 2014: The Utah LEGO Users Group by Yong-Chan Kim (05-06-14)

Fanboy On Kickstarter #5 by Ric Bretschneider (04-01-14)
Now cook with an Oven Mitt Power Glove!

Fanboy On Kickstarter #4 by Ric Bretschneider (03-30-14)
Till Dawn vampire card game and Doc Unknown graphic novels, for your consideration...

Disneyland's Mechanical Kingdom by Derek McCaw (03-28-14)
If Jules Verne had whispered to Walt "...here's how to make more money in 2014..."

Captain America In Tomorrowland by Derek McCaw (03-19-14)
I do mean the theme park, not the upcoming Disney film of the same name...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #3 by Ric Bretschneider (03-11-14)
A Walking Dead board game and a graphic novel catch Ric's attention...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #2 by Ric Bretschneider (03-04-14)
Ric highlights a fun pub game and an original graphic novel that needs your help!

Fanboy On Kickstarter #1 by Ric Bretschneider (02-28-14)
This week, Ric highlights Darkest Dungeon and Kill Shakespeare: The Board Game...

Run With The Avengers At Disneyland by Derek McCaw (02-25-14)
No, we mean it. You have to run! We will, too, right after we finish this sandwich...

Foodtube.net Covers 7 Stars Bar & Grill (02-24-14)
Our favorite Star Wars bar gets a little love from the media... check it out and join us!

Jimmy Palmiotti's Denver Kickstarter by Ric Bretschneider (02-13-14)
It's the road to much more than a graphic novel...

Toyfair 2014: DC Direct's Reveal (02-13-14)
A look at the toys you're going to want for Christmas -- including a revival of the Timmverse!.

WSJ Report: Disney Infinity Developing Marvel and Star Wars by Derek McCaw (02-03-14)
Please let them all fit into one toybox...

RUN! Or You Could Just Go To Carrousel by Derek McCaw (01-31-14)
Logan's Run becomes a game in San Francisco...or does it?

Dare To Join The Resistance by Derek McCaw (01-21-14)
The greatest action movies you'll ever see get made up live onstage every Sunday night...

Start Saving For A Star Wars Father's Day Now by Derek McCaw (01-17-14)
Gentle Giant and Chronicle Books have teamed for the ultimate nerd dad gift...

Welcome To The Marveldome by Derek McCaw (01-13-14)
Marvel unveils plans to bring a traveling experience to YOUR town...

Disney Fans -- How About This For The Holidays? by Derek McCaw (11-21-13)
One extra gift guide suggestion: D23 membership!

Monster 500 Racing Around The Christmas Tree by Derek McCaw (11-20-13)
A closer look at one of our gift guide recommendations... and a hot toy this holiday!

Review: Disneyland's Treasures of Asgard by Derek McCaw (11-13-13)
Venture to Tomorrowland and visit one of your favorite superheroes...

The Birth of the Dynamic Cosplay Couple by Lani Carissa Wong (10-21-13)
An origin story of love, costumes, make-up and New York Comic-Con!

James Cameron Introduces AVATAR at Animal Kingdom by Derek McCaw (10-14-13)
Concept art, Imagineers at work and the promise that you can be a cat person, too...

Review: Curtsies and Conspiracies by Debbie Bretschneider (10-10-13)
Gail Carriger continues her proper and exciting Finishing School series...

The Playings The Thing! by Derek McCaw (10-10-13)
IDW launches new line of board games with Kill Shakespeare!

Hong Kong Gets The First Disney/Marvel Ride... by Derek McCaw (10-07-13)
The Iron Man Experience will open in Hong Kong Disneyland in late 2016...

Do You Dare Universal Studios' Summer of Survival? by Derek McCaw (07-12-13)
Transformers. King Kong. Jurassic Park. The Mummy. Whither the Simpsons?

Review: Etiquette & Espionage by Debbie Bretschneider (03-07-13)
A Young Adult series with werewolves, vampires, and a sense of propriety...

Video: Team Unicorn "For the Win" by Derek McCaw (03-06-13)
The Queens of Nerddom release their first music video...

The More You Knerd... by Derek McCaw (01-24-13)
Portlandia offers up a Nerd PSA, and we should talk about how it makes us feel...

Video: In Disney World, There Be Dragons (12-12-12)
Every day, fanboy delusions get closer to reality... I am so happy.

The Fanboy Planet Podcast Holiday Gift Guide 2012! (12-07-12)
We gathered at the Fairmont last night, and these are things we realized you NEED, and more!

Marking Time By Chris McCaw by Derek McCaw (11-28-12)
Yes, I'm proud of my brother. He has a major exhibit in New York City!

Jokes of the Week with Sam Bowers (11-20-12)
5 Hour Energy Drinks and David Petraeus -- no connection at all.

Jokes of the Week with Sam Bowers (11-13-12)
Post-election commentary -- like the actual situation wasn't funny enough!

Jokes of the Week with Sam Bowers (Guest-Starring Derek McCaw) (11-05-12)
Comedic commentary on the Disney/Lucas merging...and more!

It's Her Universe, But We Live In It by Derek McCaw (10-09-12)
Awesome clothes that will have us nerding out year round!

Warner Interactive Unleashes Injustice: Gods Among Us Deluxe! (09-26-12)
That's one sweet statue of Wonder Woman beating Batman with a rocket ship...

The Final Flight of the Endeavour by Christopher J. Garcia (09-21-12)
Chris Garcia witnesses history... and it's even spelled his way!

Real World Economy: How Much Is Bowser's Castle Worth? (09-05-12)
Perhaps it's best not to think about such things, but we do anyway...

Hugo Winners 2012 (09-02-12)
Fandom's Oscars are awarded in Chicago; several fan favorites walk away with the gold!

VIDEO: Building A Wall-E (08-04-12)
Talk about using your powers only for good...

Comic-Con 2012: Disney's "So Tasty" Exclusives (08-03-12)
Disney offers us a look at this year's exclusives. Makes you want to go next year, huh?

Comic-Con 2012: The Disney Store Gets Us Vinylmated! by Derek McCaw (08-03-12)
A new Disney collectible seems to be taking hold and more at Comic-Con...

Love Song For Ray Bradbury by Rachel Bloom (07-05-12)
How an internet sensation led to meeting Ray Bradbury -- with Rachel's original video (NSFW)

Review: Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM by Derek McCaw (03-03-12)
Wonder at Creation, and wonder at how the heck do they bend their bodies like this...

Comic-Con 2011: John Balen Leads The Disney Store To Con! by Derek McCaw (07-26-11)
An interview with the Director of Toys -- which sounds like one of the world's best jobs!

Comic-Con 2011: From Dusk 'Til Con Preview - Get the Poynt! by Derek McCaw (07-19-11)
By day it's a convention. By night it's a party!

A Sneak Peek at Batman Live (07-05-11)
The Joker attacks Batman with living dental work...

Review: Hugh Jackman In Performance by Derek McCaw (05-09-11)
He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is pretty fabulous...

Captain Action Returns! by Derek McCaw (04-30-11)
For years as a kid, I scoured flea markets for this...

VIDEO: Wonder Woman vs. Medusa (03-22-11)
Wonder Woman knows the only way to bring peace to Man's World is through eye shadow...

VIDEO: The National's "Conversation 16" (03-09-11)
Other sites will rave about John Slattery; we post because of James Urbaniak!

Pulp Fashion by Debbie Bretschneider (02-28-11)
Elegant recreations of days gone by... out of paper!

VIDEO: Superman Classic by Derek McCaw (02-10-11)
A cool animated throwback... sort of like your favorite soda with real sugar again...

Comic-Con 2010: From Dusk 'Til Con by Derek McCaw (07-28-10)
Parties, parties, parties, but one still stands out...

The Guild Goes Bollywood With "Game On" (07-27-10)
In our world, The Guild is the most popular show on Earth...

Comic-Con 2010 VIDEO: DC Universe Online the Comic-Con Trailer (07-26-10)
Here's the all-star backstory to set up the game... this ain't no Super Friends...

Comic-Con 2010: CS Moore Studios (07-16-10)
They're going to have a life-sized statue of Michael Turner's Fathom... who needs Megan Fox?

Frank Frazetta 1928-2010 by Christopher J. Garcia (05-11-10)
A tribute to a great artist...

The Marvel Kingdom: An Unofficial Analysis by Derek McCaw (08-31-09)
It's practically a done deal that Disney and Marvel will merge...but what does it mean for us?

2008 Gift Guide: For The Writer In Your Life by Derek McCaw (12-16-08)
DVDs and books to inspire the person dying to write an episode of Doctor Who...

Memories of Forrest J. Ackerman: The Shoulders We Stand On by Chris Garcia (12-06-08)
He may not have created fandom, but he definitely shaped it like no other...

Book Review: The Book Of Lies by Derek McCaw (08-19-08)
Brad Meltzer ties together Cain, Superman's creation and a great mystery...

The Cons Are On! by Lon Lopez (05-12-08)
What's your bag? Comics? Anime? Science Fiction? San Jose hosts it all this month...

William Shatner's Turning Point by Derek McCaw (05-12-08)
A piece of true fandom history for your viewing pleasure. You won't be sorry...

In Memory of Gary Gygax by Chris Folino (03-06-08)
The writer/director of Gamers pays homage to the man who shaped his life....

Farewell To The Future ...For Now! by Derek McCaw (08-06-07)
Reporting from Universal Studios Hollywood, Derek rides that DeLorean one last time...

Reaction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Derek McCaw (07-23-07)
As spoiler-free a review as possible...

Reviewed: John Twelve Hawks' The Dark River by Derek McCaw (07-10-07)
Science fiction mixed with mysticism and a too plausible sense of paranoia...

Reviewed: Paul McCartney, "Memory Almost Full" by Derek McCaw (07-09-07)
Can Sir Macca still rock?

Reviewed: Chuck Pahlaniuk's Rant by Michael Goodson (05-08-07)
"You're a different human being to everybody you meet..."

Mumblypeg: Sexually Non-Threatening Teen Idols by Derek McCaw (08-02-06)
"Are you ready, Ken?" "I was born again ready..."

Take A Flight Into Fear At Magic Mountain by Derek McCaw (05-12-06)
In which we ride the world's tallest, fastest and longest flying coaster TATSU...

Mumblypeg: "Dave Can't Win" by Derek McCaw (02-28-06)
Trust us...you've played the game...

Mumblypeg: "I Want You To Know" by Ed Meehan (02-13-06)
Just in time for Valentine's Day, a very special love song from Fanboy Planet and Mumblypeg...
WARNING: Explicit Lyrics

Revenge of the Jihadi by "Odysseus" (08-24-05)
Perhaps a nerve has been struck...

The Fanboys of Jihad by "Odysseus" (08-16-05)
A guest-column by a soldier deployed in Iraq...maybe if we just got them playing HeroClix...

Mail Call (08-05-05)
The letters column returns...so write!

A Fanboy On Television by Derek McCaw (7-25-02)
You know, once upon a time we swore this site wouldn't be about us...

The Una Mas World Tour by Michael Goodson (04-29-02)
...or How To Get Friends To Stop Asking You Where You Want To Go For Lunch...

UFC 35: Throwdown by Matt Sedore (01-15-02, 4:35 PM)
Pain, pain, and more pain, all for your viewing pleasure..

Reviewed: Bas Rutten Workout by Matt Sedore (11-29-01, 1:50 PM)
You won't become UFC Champion, but you will know pain...

Yoda Revealed by John Lascurettes (11-16-01, 4:45 PM)
John Lascurettes notices something very disturbing about the new Episode II Trailer...

Script Doctor: Star Wars Episode 1 by Jack Reda (10-29-01, 2:00 PM)
Meesa gonna be out on limb and saysa it not as bad as meesa thought...

Script Doctor: Final Reel Derailings by Jack Reda (10-10-01, 11:15 AM)
Once again, Reda rails against movies that blew it in the end.

UFC #33: Victory in Vegas by Matt Sedore (10-02-01, 2:38 PM)
Any one of these guys could kill us with ease.

Script Doctor: Jeepers Creepers by Jack Reda (9-26-01, 12:16 PM)
Dare we tell The Script Doctor that Jeepers Creepers 2 is already in production?

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (9-21-01, 12:34 PM)
Fanboy Planet is brought to you by the letters Q and X.

Ask A Girl by Sidney Long (9-19-01, 6:08 PM)
She's not just hot, she's smart too. Just like Xena.

In Memoriam: Samuel Z. Arkoff by Jordan Rosa (9-18-01, 10:51 AM)
The man who made the drive-ins hotbeds of sweet hormonal horror.

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (9-14-01, 2:12 PM)
If hot chicks always showed up to fix things, I'd screw up more often.

Script Doctor by Jack Reda (9-13-01, 3:13 PM)
White people never run from haunted houses. Idiots.

Fanboy Goes Broadway by Andrew Preston (9-7-01, 4:53 PM)
Be glad that you have working toilets.

Ask A Girl by Sidney Long (9-03-01, 11:11 AM)
We are the only site around that lets you talk to a girl without charging you a monthly fee.

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (8-31-01, 10:22 AM)
I'll say one thing for the future, they don't have no WNBA.

Script Doctor by Jack Reda (8-30-01, 10:49 PM)
How is it that a movie with lengthy car chases, guns blazing, Euro-trash bad guys and Robert De Niro can still only be mediocre overall?

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (8-24-01, 11:27 AM)
'Cause movies are better than sleep.

Metallica Song of the Week by Andrew Preston (8-23-01, 11:39 AM)
Donde esta el bitch?

Ask A Girl by Sidney Long (8-21-01, 1:45 PM)
Mouths, doggies, and shoes.

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (8-17-01, 12:24 AM)
Roadracers and Shout

Script Doctor: Jurassic Park 3 by Jack Reda (8-14-01, 10:38 AM)
After The Lost World, expectations on this latest edition of dinosaur mayhem were not terribly high...

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (8-10-01, 11:00 AM)
More gun play than Eminem's honeymoon.

King of The Cage # 10 by Matt Sedore (8-8-01, 4:28 PM)
Big men...rolling around...together...

Ask a Girl by Sidney Long (8-7-01, 11:11 AM)
Does size really matter? Find out this week.

Metallica Song of the Week by Andrew Preston (8-2-01, 2:28 PM)

Three times the 'Tallica!

Script Doctor: Titanic by Jack Reda (7-31-01, 3:28 PM)
After the special effects, Titanic is really a pretty terrible movie.

Script Doctor: Three Moives That Missed It by Jack Reda (7-17-01, 10:41 AM)
You realize this isn't making Jack any friends in the industry, right? He's black listed for your entertainment.

Fanboy Fashion by Andrew Preston (07-06-01, 8:13 PM)
This column about socks almost started a fist fight in the FanboyPlanet.com office.

Fear Factor by Steven Randolph (7-06-01, 10:36 AM)
It probably would get more jewish viewers if it were called "Schmear Factor."

Horror 5x5 by Jack Reda (7-3-01, 12:09 PM)

5 gems and 5 steaming piles of donkey poop.

Double Feature by Derek McCaw (7-3-01, 12:04 PM)
A Tribute to Jack Lemmon.

Metallica Song of the Week by Andrew Preston (Updated 6-28-01, 9:16 AM PST)
For reals this time.

Double Feature by Jordan Rosa (6-28-01, 12:04 PM PST)
Heh. Heh. He said blows.

Script Doctor: Darkman by Jack Reda
(6-26-01, 12:15 PM)
But really, Wesley Snipes is quite dark.

Fear Factor by Steven Randolph (Updated 6-26-01, 11:18 AM PST)
It probably would get more viewers if it were called "Beer Factor."

Script Doctor: Enemy of the State by Jack Reda
(6-12-01, 12:15 PM)
If lingerie stores like that existed, why would men get married?

Metallica Song of the Week by Andrew Preston (Updated 6-21-01, 11:46 AM PST)
Nostalgia, Inc.

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