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originally posted 8/05/05

I'll Have What He's Having...

ay bro was up dude can i downlaoda thriller of ur game in 3 d with the real people playing the game and me controling te real people on the grafics please please?????????????

-- "JuddSuesan"

If I understand the question correctly, let me direct you to Sony's Eye-Toy and perhaps a few sedatives.

In Chris Garcia's Court...

Hi., Can you give me an update on where all the Tough Enough winners are at this time? Are they still wrestling? I heard Maven was fired..but where are the rest of the winners from TE 1,2,and 3.

-- "CDS"
Bloomfield, NJ

A few of the contestants have been mentioned in recent editions of Falls Count Anywhere. Stay tuned as Garcia remembers that I forwarded him this letter...

Next You'll Tell Me Hawkeye Is Alive...

Just wanted to point out that you missed a major plot point of the story you were reviewing (Spider-Man: House of M #1) and thus a major theme of the story. Your quote below is incorrect.

"You just know that for a guy like Peter, it's too much. And so one day he wakes up and shaves his head, not knowing that in this mutantopia (where he himself is a mutant and not the result of an accidental spider-bite) "

Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, he is not a mutant; he is pretending to be one.The whole point is that everything that Peter has is built on, pardon the pun , a "web of lies".

You can be sure that JJJ will reveal that Peter has been lying to the public and the anti-sapien racism will bring Peter's world to a crashing halt. Referrence the Rhino's speech about how dangerous it is for humans to impersonate humans.

Excelsior !

-- Stephen Rioseco

All probably true, and I clearly read these things too fast. But it goes back to Goodson's comment about Iron Man: House of M. If the Scarlet Witch is giving these characters what they want, why would Spider-Man want a world that is a house of cards?

Wait...shiny object over there!

Tim Hunter vs. Harry Potter -- This One's For the White One

Since you asked, Tim Hunter appeared in Neil Gaiman's miniseries Books of Magic drawn by John Bolton and various other artists back in 1993.

J.K. Rowling's first book, The Philosopher's Stone was first released in 1997

So there you are. Tim Hunter is the original Harry Potter. complete with Yoyo instead of Hedwig.

-- Daryl Tay

Thank you, Daryl. Now I'm armed and ready for bear the next time a Harry Potter fan mocks me from across the office.

Let's Ask the WizKids...

There is a clix power know as "enhancement" under damage. Do you know of any hero clix with this ability?

-- "DARKBROWesq1"

We recommend that you check out the HeroClix site and see if they can narrow it down. With hundreds of Clix figures, it's hard for us to narrow it down. Anyone have anyway to help Darkbrow?

Let's Review the Review Policy...

Hi. My name is Ivy. I am unsure about a drawing i did. If I send it to you, can you tell me how it is?

-- Ivy

To be honest, I don't know how valid my opinion would be, but you're welcome to send me your artwork.

Know now that any encouragement from any Fanboy Planet staffer or myself would not add up to a foot in the door.

We Really Couldn't Agree ...More.

The lesbian action on RAW was the most entertainment I have ever got from that show. RAW should allow more lesbian action.

-- "Ti'"

From our daily statistics, it's apparent that many of our readers agree. Us? We like Mick Foley.

Ben? Is That You?

Hi, I was wondering do you know where I can get a nice Daredevil costume? Thanks in advance.

-- "Rey"

Certainly. Check out one of our Google ads on the sidebar that mentions superhero costumes. The only question I have is ...why do people never ask me about any other costumes? It's always Daredevil.

That's all for now. Feel free to write! Write freely! Write often!

Derek McCaw

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