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Symphony Silicon Valley Walks Into Mordor

It turns out that with a big enough fellowship, apparently one can simply walk into Mordor.

Or at least, we can get that same feeling with a live symphonic orchestra playing alongside The Lord of the Rings. Recreating Howard Shore's beautiful and haunting score for Peter Jackson's epic trilogy, Symphony Silicon Valley will be performing underneath screenings of the films in the trilogy at the beautiful California Theater in downtown San Jose.

Wait a minute... San Jose? Isn't that where Big Wow! Comic Fest will be held in a couple of weeks? Why, yes... these screenings dovetail with that great event. So if you're coming into San Jose for Big Wow, this makes a pretty cool (and nicely cultured) event at night after the comics and the cosplay have shut down at the convention center. The Symphony will be performing from April 16 through 19th, with a different movie each night. (Though by Gandalf's grey beard, a ten hour concert would be amazing.)

The California Theater is less than two blocks away, with plenty of fine dining in and around the route. That includes Cafe Stritch, from where we have occasionally done the Fanboy Planet podcast.

Tickets and more information are available here, at lotrssv.org.

And check out composer Howard Shore talking about the experience in this YouTube video:



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