Bas Rutten Workout Tapes

You won't be UFC champion, but you will know pain.

Matt Sedore loves fighting.
If I don't have time to go out to a gym, I do it right in my back yard. Or, the last four times that I went to Japan to do the commentary for the Pride show, I do the workout in my hotel room, just to stay in shape. You can do it all by yourself as a shadow box routine, in the gym on the bag, or with a partner on the focus mitts or Thai pads.


-Bas Rutten

For those who might not know, Bas Rutten is the 3 time King of Pancrase and UFC Heavy Weight Champion, a bad ass and a half. His new workout tapes cover the actual workouts he does to stay in shape and prepare for fights.

Bas does a little intro about the workouts, how to use the audiocassettes, and supplemental materials. The cool thing is, besides being a total bad ass, Bas is a funny guy, too. So the tapes end up being a little more personal and not all business the whole time. Makes sense, really; if your workouts are not fun you will not continue to use them.

From the introduction, Bas covers the boxing tape, explaining the combos and how to stand. After that, the Thai kickboxing tape and what you will be expecting to do while using that audiocassette. Next is the mixed martial arts workout tape, going over some new things that are added, like sprawling out and moving around on the ground. The last thing he covers is the all around workout.

This work out is brutal - its about 30 minutes in length and 5-10 minutes into it will be pain. It has sit ups, push ups, neck exercises, all mixed with sprawls, combos, kicks, and knees; Bas also really pushes you to do your best.

Anyone looking to get into great shape should get these tapes, especially since the instruction is very good. The real cool thing here is that Bas himself does these exercises - it's not like he tries to sell something for someone else that he doesn't use.

The price is decent, $50 for a set of tapes you can use at home or even if you're on vacation or out of town. Bas says he uses them in hotel rooms! You don't need a partner for the tapes but you can use them with one if you want.

Also, you don't need a lot of room to do the workout; all you need is a tapedeck so you can hear the commands. These are not fighting instructional, but they will get you in shape. To become a UFC champion, as Bas says, you need sparring partners, but these tapes are great for your cardio and strength.

At the end of the tape Bas has put together a cool little video highlight of his fighting career. You can see some of that video here . You can buy the tapes here.

Matt Sedore

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