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James Cameron Introduces AVATAR Land
Coming To Disney's Animal Kingdom

Over the weekend, Disney released some art for the upcoming AVATAR Land/AvatarLand/AvatarWorld -- the official name has not been released. At least Disney proves that those people who saw Avatar and wanted to live on Pandora had hope. And really, with Disney working to make such outlandish dreams come true, can we blame anybody for living in a fantasy world from here on out?

The concept art looks amazing, with a boat ride that could probably play out a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean, but with 100% less Jack Sparrow and 100% more Na'Vi. Disney also promises that guests will "...discover what it feels like to soar into the sky riding a banshee." (My guess -- utilizing technology similar to Soarin' Over California, which is not a dig. That's one of my favorite rides.)

The only thing the paintings are likely lying about is the number of people in the picture -- no way is a family of three going to be able to walk through this place and not see any other people. THIS PLACE WILL BE MOBBED!

Today, James Cameron contributed a video to the D23 Expo in Japan expanding upon what the art had to offer. So check it all out, and note that he swears he's hard at work on the sequels to Avatar, at least one of which should have been in theaters by the time these theme park attractions open in 2017. (This will replace Camp Minnie-Mickey; I've never been, so please tell me if I'll feel a sense of loss when I travel to experience Pandora.)

Derek McCaw

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