One movie is never enough. Don't just grab two new releases tonight, theme your evening with this Double Feature.

Mary Poppins and Weird Science

If hot chicks always showed up to fix things, I'd screw up more often.

Genies don't always come out of lamps. In these two greats one comes from the sky and another springs from a computer with less processing power than a Gameboy. While neither of the characters in either of these films actually call themselves genies, what would you call magical-power wielding helpers whose true lesson is that you have the power to succeed within you all along? They ain't Barbara Eden, but they'll more than do.

Sure you remember Mary Poppins from when you were a kid, but have you gone back to it since your voice changed? I doubt it. Return to this childhood classic and you may have the same disturbing discovery I had during my first post-puberty viewing of this film; Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) is hot. Why? I'm not sure, but it frightens me to think that it might have something to do with her hat. Maybe I'm crazy. You tell me. Weigh in at to either make me feel better about salivating for that spoonful of that sugar or force me farther into the shadows of film geekdom.

Onto a genie that I can feel a little safer in publicly proclaiming lust. In Weird Science Kelly LeBrock, the Woman in Red herself, embodies pure-80's sexpot while she makes Anthony Michael Hall's life worth living. If that's not a job that requires magical powers I don't know what is. If LeBrock in the shower doesn't entice you, I worry, but fret not because this John Hughes classic also features Hall's old SNL buddy, Robert Downey Jr., and Bill Paxton in the single greatest performance of his career. So don't go fly a kite or paint your kitchen blue; go get these two pictures and dig that sexy hat.

Jordan Rosa

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