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WSJ Report: Disney Infinity
Developing Marvel and Star Wars

Perhaps surprising no fan of Disney Infinity, but good to hear anyway, the Wall Street Journal confirmed this morning that Disney Interactive is developing "...new versions of Infinity featuring characters from Disney's Marvel superhero unit and the Star Wars universe."

Unfortunately, that also comes buried in an article that touts Disney laying off hundreds from their Disney Interactive division after quarterly results come out on Wednesday.

Long rumored to be Disney Interactive's last gasp, Disney Infinity has sold over 3 million copies worldwide -- that's not including the discs and figures. That helped Disney Interactive to have only its second profitable quarter in its five-year history.

As fans, we've known that the first version of Infinity had to be nearing ... well, we hoped not the end. But currently, we have one more wave of Power Discs scheduled for release, and only two more figures (aside from Crystal Mickey and the rumored Crystal Agent P) on their way.

Pay attention to that wording. They're not saying they're expanding Infinity; they're preparing new versions, which may mean that the universes still say separate. My wish would be for it all to just continue being downloadable and expandable, because what kid wouldn't LOVE to pit Mr. Fantastic against Mrs. Incredible? Or have Mickey and the Ewoks team up against the Empire?

We'll see. Disney has remained pretty tight-lipped about things, but let us take these portents as good news for Summer 2014. Maybe then we'll get Merlin's Bag of Summoning, too...

Derek McCaw

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