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Comic-Con 2015

Comic-Con 2015:The Devil Returns In Keyzer Soze From Red 5 by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
A series of graphic novels begins to celebrate Bryan Singer's classic film...

Comic-Con 2015: Batman v Superman Transformed In LEGO by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
Watch images of the actors turn into LEGO minifigs... all in a brick mosaic...

Comic-Con 2015: Wednesday Preview Night by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
The Exhibition Hall and a visit from The Doctor...

Comic-Con 2015: Wednesday Afternoon by Derek McCaw (07-09-15)
A walk around the Gaslamp District before braving the Exhibition Hall...

Comics Review: Archie #1 by Derek McCaw (07-08-15)
Mark Waid and Fiona Staples make America's oldest teenager feel fresh, new, and real...

Comic-Con 2015: It's Almost Comic-Con by Annabelle Malibago Kline (07-07-15)
Walk around on a Tuesday in downtown San Diego, and you get a pretty good preview...

Comic-Con 2015: First Look Deal For Dark Horse Entertainment! (07-07-15)
Universal Cable Productions developing four series, including Harrow County and Concrete!

Comic-Con 2015: DC Comics Announces 8 New Mini-series! by Derek McCaw (07-06-15)
And they're bringing back some original creators to breathe new life into old concepts...

Comic-Con 2015: Dynamite Brings Back James Bond (07-06-15)
Warren Ellis onboard to write Ian Fleming's superspy for mind-blowing comics...

Comic-Con 2015: At The Airport ... It Begins... by Derek McCaw (07-05-15)
One friend of the site landed in San Diego and knew it was Comic-Con season...

The Secret History Of Ben Kenobi In Star Wars #7 by Derek McCaw (07-02-15)
What happened in those years in between on Tatooine? Marvel aims to reveal it...

Still Hated, Feared, And Here After Secret Wars: The Extraordinary X-Men (07-01-15)
A new team that looks like an old team... especially if you count Old Man Logan....

Marvel Launches Contest Of Champions The Comic Book (07-01-15)
After Battleworld will come Battlerealm... and the Marvel Universe will never be the same...

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015: The Cosplay Gallery Part 2 by Ric Bretschneider (07-01-15)
Another look back at some great cosplay in San Jose before we head to San Diego...

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015: The Cosplay Gallery Part 1 by Ric Bretschneider (06-30-15)
A look back at some great cosplay in San Jose before we head to San Diego...

Strangers In Paradise Comes To Thrillbent (06-30-15)
Terry Moore's groundbreaking story will be serialized on the digital comics hub...

The Uncanny Inhumans #1 Breaks The Silence (06-26-15)
... and maybe the internet when you see who is on the team...

A-Force Will STILL Assemble! (06-26-15)
The all-female superhero team continues after Secret Wars!

Phonogram Returns From Image Comics (06-25-15)
The Immaterial Girl appears...

Introducing The Totally Awesome Hulk (06-25-15)
Who is the mystery figure having fun with the powers of the Hulk?

All-New All-Different Avengers? Definitely Maybe (06-24-15)
The changes from last fall are sticking... this could be really good!

Spider-Gwen Gets A New #1 (06-24-15)
It seems there will be more than one Earth after Secret Wars after all... and that's good.

Dark Horse Comics Launches Rexodus by Derek McCaw (06-24-15)
This may be enough for some of you: DINOSAURS. WITH. LASERS.

Some Of Our Comics Are Missing by Derek McCaw (06-23-15)
Diamond asks Northern California retailers to hold off sales until Thursday this week...

Captain Marvel Survives Secret Wars by Derek McCaw (06-23-15)
Don't call it a comeback... Carol Danvers has been a star for a while now...

Doctor Strange Survives Secret Wars by Derek McCaw (06-22-15)
Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo launch new book in the Fall, but is it all-new all-different?

Miles Morales Survives The Ultimate Universe by Derek McCaw (06-20-15)
UPDATE: Marvel's official press release with more information!

David Tennant Joins The Cast Of Chew by Nate Costa (06-19-15)
From Time Lord to Cibopath, and we've got an exclusive chat with co-creator John Layman!

Comic-Con 2015: The Line For Hall H Awakens by Batton Lash (06-17-15)
Probably not really, but why else would Vader and Chewie be hanging out in the Gaslamp?

Comic-Con 2015: Daniel Cooney Talks The Tommy Gun Dolls by Derek McCaw (06-01-15)
The creator of an exciting new historical graphic novel talks to us before prepping for SDCC...

Comic-Con 2015: Doctor Who Returns To Comic-Con! by Derek McCaw (05-27-15)
Peter Capaldi will brave Hall H... and I know some of you are already planning the camp out...

Big Wow 2015: The Last Big Wow! by Ric Bretschneider and Derek McCaw (05-12-15)
Next year it will be Silicon Valley Comic Con; by any name, it's great...

The Best DC Movie Is A Graphic Novel: Batman Earth One by Derek McCaw (05-13-15)
Volume Two of this rethinking of Batman is your best read this week...

Big Wow 2015: An Artist's Convention by Ric Bretschneider (05-12-15)
The Silicon Valley is crawling with terrific comics talent, and Big Wow! proves it...

Secret Wars Begins... by Derek McCaw (05-07-15)
It's dense and terrific, but if you're not a fan, how can you keep up?

Toys R Us Gets A Secret Wars Preview by Derek McCaw (05-01-15)
The catch is... you only have a week to get it, and darn, you have to buy Avengers toys...

Four Stories. One Ticking Clock. Dead Drop #1. by Derek McCaw (05-01-15)
Valiant Comics' latest pulse-pounding crossover hits stores May 6!

Piecing Together Convergence by Derek McCaw (04-30-15)
Mixing up a bunch of continuities can't be all bad, right?

Wondercon 2015: Cosplay Gallery 4 by Steph Rodriguez (04-28-15)
Gotta catch 'em all... or at least a few more...

Kickstart The Tommy Gun Dolls by Derek McCaw (04-28-15)
Creator Daniel Cooney tells a story of 1920s San Francisco: burlesque, the mob, and...

Wondercon 2015: Cosplay Gallery 3 by Steph Rodriguez (04-10-15)
Joker, Harley, and Ivy... it's like 50 Shades of Green....

Wondercon 2015: Cosplay Gallery 2 by Steph Rodriguez (04-07-15)
You can see Iron Men both primitive and superior, and have one heck of an adventure...

Wondercon 2015: A Little Bit of Friday Cosplay... by Derek McCaw (04-05-15)
From the littlest Rocket Raccoon to a Hogwarts' reunion...

Wondercon 2015: In Brightest Day, In The Final Frontier... by Derek McCaw (04-04-15)
IDW and DC Comics announce the next big crossover: Star Trek and Green Lantern!

Living In The Marvel Universe (For Two Hours) by Derek McCaw (04-01-15)
Cheesy? Maybe. But oh, it tastes so good...

Top Team Continues On Robin, Son Of Batman by Derek McCaw (02-11-15)
Mick Gray officially continuing with Patrick Gleason on one of DC's best characters!

Marvel Welcomes You To Where Monsters Dwell... by Derek McCaw (02-10-15)
Straight up pulp fiction disguised as a Secret Wars tie-in... sounds good!

Returning Constantine To Hellblazer Status by Derek McCaw (02-07-15)
Part of the DC relaunch includes making Constantine the darker book it originally was...

Marvel Announces A-Force But Not On The View by Derek McCaw (02-06-15)
Whoopi bumps Marvel, but we all still win...

DC Comics Reveals The More Diverse New 49... by Derek McCaw (02-06-15)
Who's counting as long as the books are good?

Marvel Makes A FORCEFUL Announcement On THE VIEW by Derek McCaw (02-05-15)
Is Whoopi going to Battleworld?

The Black Vortex Is Coming... by Derek McCaw (02-04-15)
The Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men battle to determine who will rule Marvel...

April Is "What The Duck?" Month At Marvel! by Derek McCaw (02-04-15)
Let's just start #SixIssuesAndAMovie...

She's Back! First Look At Spider-Gwen #1! by Derek McCaw (01-30-15)
Has anyone noticed that Spider-Gwen and Gwen Stacy are never in the same room together?

Boom! Studios Asks To Push #ComicsForward by Ross Richie (01-28-15)
Ross writes this editorial for PREVIEWS Magazine, but the conversation can spill over here...

Marvel's Plans For Free Comic Book Day 2015! by Derek McCaw (01-23-15)
Reminding you, of course, that the first one is free... and Secret Wars begins here!

Disney Comics Return ... From IDW! by Derek McCaw (01-22-15)
For some reason, Uncle Scrooge does not want to team up with Spider-Man...

Top Shelf Releases March, Book Two by Derek McCaw (01-21-15)
Because comics can and do talk about things that are actually important...

Secret Wars Announced: The Marvel Universe Is DOOMED by Searnold (01-20-15)
Time runs out, and Battleworld is coming. Everything really is about to change... or is it?

Dark Circle Comics Releases First Look At The Black Hood #1 by Derek McCaw (01-20-15)
Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos revive the former Archie Comics' vigilante...

Image Direct Coming To Your Door... Directly by Derek McCaw (01-15-15)
Image Comics announces a subscription service... is it a game changer?

Marvel's Star Wars #1 by Derek McCaw (01-14-15)
It's so pretty... and it's sold a million copies... but how good is it, really?

Image Expo 2015: The Experience Continues by Lorenza Shabe (01-14-15)
Which Image creator still owes us lunch?

Image Expo Unveils The Books We'll Be Reading In 2015 by Lorenza Shabe (01-13-15)
A rundown of the announcements from last week's huge event...

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