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Ask A Girl


Dear Girl,

Will you go out with me? I smell nice.

Tuvin Lee


Dear Tuvin,

In your dreams.


Dear girl,

What is your stance on male body hair? Do you prefer a smooth golden-like chest or a burly lumberjack fuzz chest? Do you think the majority of women share a similar opinion?

- Andrew


Dear Andrew,

I personally prefer a balance of body hair on chest, forearms, and legs. In my book, chest hair is a very good thing, and lumberjacks are a favorite fantasy. Major back hair is really not to my taste, nor hirsute butts and shoulders. However, I do just love that little trail of hair from the navel heading south. Itís so evocative. While I personally donít dig smooth guys, there are definitely women who do. Male body hair is a very subjective thing for women. I donít think there are many majority feelings on the topic. Probably the most universal dislike is back hair that is thicker than chest hair. For these guys, I suggest wax or laser hair removal. Painful, yes, but think how much more sex youíll get.

Grooming tip for gentlemen: If you trim your pubic hair, it makes your "Kramer" look bigger.


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Sidney Long

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