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Each week we let you know what's happening in the comic world, plus tell you
which ones you should buy and which to avoid. Trust us.

Comics Reviewed: City of Dust: a Philip Khrome Story #2 by Derek McCaw (11-12-08)
A shiny city can't see what's reflecting up from underneath...

Comics Reviewed From Box Four 11/11/08 by Derek McCaw (11-11-08)
Final Crisis: Resist, Justice Society of America #20, Sandman: The Dreamhunters #1...

Embrace Change by Lon Lopez (09-24-08)
The Skrulls are here...and now sports fans know it, too...

Comics: All-Star Superman #12 by Derek McCaw (09-18-08)
This is the end, my friend, and yet...

Comic-Con 2008: The Berman Photos by Jeffrey Berman (08-19-08)
Fleeting moments from the floor of the San Diego Convention Center...

Comic-Con 2008: A Pack of Jokers (08-03-08)
So, so many clown princes...

Comic-Con 2008: The Lego Collection (08-03-08)
For those about to play well, we salute you...the amazing Lego statues from Comic-Con!

Comic-Con 2008: A Few Celebrity Appearances (08-01-08)
Stephanie Rodriguez roamed the floor and caught some nice candid shots...

Comic-Con 2008: The Kings Panel, Courtesy of NBC (07-25-08)
Retelling the story of King David in modern times...brilliant or just weird? YOU be the judge...

Comic-Con 2008: Thursday Slideshow (07-25-08)
Lon Lopez relives his childhood with 125,000 other people...

Comic-Con 2008: The Knight Rider Panel, Courtesy of NBC (07-25-08)
What cool secrets will be revealed? We don't know. Our hotel internet is too jammed...

Comic-Con 2008: Preview Night Slideshow (07-24-08)
Lon Lopez finds some of the summer's biggest stars...or their Lego facsimiles, anyway...

Comic-Con 2008: The Greatest American Hero Returns! (07-21-08)
Join us at Booth #2109 as we sit with William Katt and Robert Culp -- there's a panel, too!

Comics Review: Rogues' Revenge by Derek McCaw (07-18-08)
A classic Flash team returns for one last excellent capper....

Suspended Animation: Rom, Spaceknight by Mark Allen (06-27-08)
One of the best toys-adapted-to-comics you'll ever find...

Suspended Animation: Tomo by Mark Allen (06-19-08)
Daydreams, aliens and ninjas collide in a top-notch book aimed at girls...

Eternals #1 by Derek McCaw (06-11-08)
While DC kills its New Gods, Marvel finds a way to give them life...

The Illusive Mr. Watson Reviews Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Tim Watson (05-28-08)
For those who loved Annihilation, this is the book for you...

Super-Con 2008: Photos From The Floor by Derek McCaw and Clay Robeson (05-22-08)
Jane Wiedlin gave me a piece of cake...

House of Mystery #1 by Derek McCaw (05-08-08)
Every mystery has its secrets, but not every secret has a mystery...

Detective Comics #844 by Derek McCaw (05-08-08)
Reminding us that no matter how it works, ventriloquist dummies are just plain creepy...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #14 by Derek McCaw (05-08-08)
Vampires are in danger of getting humdrum. Thank heavens Dracula lives!

The Illusive Mr. Watson Reviews Hercules: The Thracian Wars #1 by Tim Watson (05-05-08)
Welcome a new reviewer, this week tackling the flagship offering from Radical Press!

DC Universe #0: A Hero Reborn Of Confusion by Derek McCaw (05-05-08)
Wading through it all, at least we get a flashback...or is that a Flash back?

Countdown To Final Crisis #1: Can We Breathe? by Derek McCaw (04-24-08)
After a year of earth-shattering action, what has really changed?

Titans #1: Haven't We Been Here Before? by Derek McCaw (04-11-08)
They're getting the band back together, and they sound a lot like X-Men...

WonderCon 2008 Gallery 3 by Michael Goodson and Derek McCaw (02-26-08)
Strange things that caught our fancy and celebrities, too!

WonderCon 2008 Gallery 2 by Michael Goodson and Derek McCaw (02-25-08)
What's a convention without CosPlay?

The Independent Garcia: WonderCon 2008 by Chris Garcia (02-25-08)
Trolling the aisles of Artists' Alley, Garcia finds some treasures...

WonderCon 2008 Gallery 1 by Michael Goodson and Derek McCaw (02-25-08)
You say you had money burning a hole in your pocket? Not after WonderCon...

This Week In Marvel 02/20/08 by Derek McCaw (02-20-08)
Reviewing Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death, Hulk #2, Runaways #29 and more...

Comics Review: Popgun Vol. 1 by Caitlin Moriarity (02-18-08)
A graphic mixtape to convince you that Image loves you forever...

Steve Gerber Dies At 60... by Derek McCaw (02-12-08)
It seems only appropriate to give a soft and sad "waaauuggghhh..."

Comics Reviews From Box Four 02/07/08 by Derek McCaw (02-07-08)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11, Countdown #12, Detective #841, Fables #69 and more...

There's A New Captain America In Town... by Derek McCaw (01-28-08)
A review of Captain America #34...

From Out Of The Shadowline... The Revenant by Derek McCaw (01-24-08)
Image Comics releases pulp-influenced avenger in March...we've got five pages of story here!

Suspended Animation: Growing Old With B.C. by Michael Vance (01-18-08)
Before you close the book on a cartoonist's career, check this one out...

The Twelve Return To Rock by Derek McCaw (01-08-08)
J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston revive a dozen heroes from Marvel's past...

One Hulk, Two Hulk, Red Hulk, Boo Hulk by Derek McCaw (01-08-08)
Red is the new green...and we care why?

This Week In Marvel 01/03/08 by Derek McCaw (01-03-08)
Reviews of Annihilation Conquest #3, Omega the Unknown #4, Thunderbolts #118 and more..

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