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Big Wow Comic Fest 2015 Today's Date:

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2015:
A Convention For Artists

Posted 5/12/2015

As the big conventions have shifted focus to "the popular arts," Big Wow has managed to grow while still remembering exactly why we're all there -- it's the comics. It's the artists, the people creating the books that inspired the cosplay, the toys, and often the TV shows and movies.

Though 2016 will bring about some changes as Big Wow becomes the Silicon Valley Comic Con, we can hope that the heart of what Steve Wyatt started will remain. It was intended first and foremost as a celebration of comics, and the talent that comes to San Jose to attend reflects that.

Of course, not all have to travel far, because the Silicon Valley really is a hotbed of creators. Ric Bretschneider managed to catch several of them before the Fest got too crowded on Saturday morning. But when we say crowded, we really mean thriving. Because people wanted to meet the artists -- and here they are for you.

Robin, Son of Batman inker Mick Gray shows us where he stands.....

From Blue Devil to Blue Hedgehog, Gary Martin has found his way back to San Jose.......

John Heebink self-publishing after his collaboration with Ric Remender on Doll and Creature.....

Joseph-Michael Linsner, still crying for Dawn...

Adam Hughes, before his announced Betty and Veronica book......

Ben Costa, with his Xeric-award winning Pang the Wandering Monk.
You can check out his webcomic
Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo here.

Mick Gray is an artist and a music fan -- and he's been able to combine his passions recently....

The great Don Rosa, whose work is being reprinted by IDW, signs Scrooge McDuck prints...
have YOU inspired any Swedish progrock concept albums lately?

One of the kindest men in comics, Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai

South Bay artist Lela Dowling.

Jim Steranko at his spotlight panel....

Ric Bretschneider



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