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Marvel Makes a FORCEFUL Announcement

This showed up in the Fanboy Planet inbox today:

"Marvel is excited to announce that on Friday, February 6th, at 11AM EST, as part of Marvel’s mega-event, SECRET WARS, it will be announcing its latest game-changing title live on the Emmy-Winning, daily talk show “The View”.

It's not the first time that Marvel has made an announcement on this ABC television show. After all, ABC and Marvel are both owned by the same larger company, Disney. And last summer, Joe Quesada made a big splash on The View by announcing the mysterious female Thor.

It is kind of cool that an event like Secret Wars will be talked about on my mother's favorite show. Civil War got a shout out on The Colbert Report, but The View -- people who don't read comics watch that show and will ask you all about this secret battle or something that's going on.

Still, that's not why I want to post this preview of an as yet non-actual-story. It's what they're not saying but are saying in the press release that should open up a few hours of wild speculation.

First, the header of the email (I slightly altered it for this headline) -- "Marvel Comics Makes a Forceful Announcement on The View." Then they describe the book they're going to announce as a "...game-changing title."

Notice those two things. They're not going to talk about Secret Wars. They've already said about as much about it as they care to say for now. It's a new title that we must assume is associated with it.

What do we actually know about Secret Wars? That there will a patchwork planet called Battleworld, where realities collide. And though most of those realities seem to contain various Earths -- even if you stretch to include Duckworld in that -- some have yet to be identified.

When all this began, with Jonathan Hickman and Brian Michael Bendis and Age of Ultron, we caught a glimpse time and space breaking -- realities and time periods getting mixed up.

In that glimpse we saw Angela, a character from Image Comics transplanted by a lawsuit. And some people believe we saw a boy, a girl, and a galaxy far, far away.

What property does Disney also own that Marvel just started republishing? That has never crossed over with any other, but fanboys have drooled over the possibility? That could be ...forceful?

I'm not saying I know anything. I'm not saying I'm right. But this is like buying a lottery ticket. Until the actual announcement tomorrow, won't it be fun to wonder... could Star Wars have a little patch of sand on Battleworld?

Pleasant dreams, Fanboys...

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Derek McCaw

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