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WonderCon 2015 Today's Date:

WonderCon 2015:
A Little Bit of Friday Cosplay

Like most conventions these days, a huge amount of attention is getting paid to cosplay. We at Fanboy Planet do not think it "ruins the convention experience." Far from it: people are getting to express themselves creatively, and that's what we're all here to celebrate. But we'll make a few jokes about it because that's what we do, too.

WonderCon has a terrific advantage in location for cosplay, with a great promenade in front of the Anaheim Convention Center. There's also a nice section of shaded greenery -- from which Fanboy Planet photographer Steph Rodriguez promises she got many great pictures.

But though WonderCon is rapidly getting stuffed to the gills, it thankfully doesn't have that Make Room! Make Room! feeling that Comic-Con often does in San Diego. So cosplayers are free to roam about the convention, and it's great. So here are some costumes from Friday...

That looks like it smarts..

If I were her, I might be worried. There are a lot of beasts around.

Not actually a costume, but Dalek building seems to be a hobby growing in popularity.
This one goes to 11. I know. I heard it playing Massive Attack from a block away.

Faerie Hunters run rampant....

Ghost Rider or Ronald McDonald without make-up?

Luckily for Groot and Gamora, a wandering Star-Lord happened by...

Does the actual Lego Flash have this expression? It's a little smirky...

It's like Lego Superhero Zombies!

I bumped into this guy and look what happened..

The rat is the one pulling the strings....

A closer shot of the Rocket from the above Guardians. Will he appreciate this years from now?

I like the take on the costume. I've never seen the Silver Surfer strike that pose before.

Tiger Shark knows how to pose...

At the beginning of the day, this little mandrake root screamed on command.
By the end of the day, she was just screaming ...

I feel like this is actually a Tronsformer.


Derek McCaw



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