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Image Expo 2015 Today's Date:

Image Expo 2015: The Experience Continues...

Editor's Note: Just in case anybody thinks we snuck our way in, no. Writer Lorenza Shabe was tweeting her experience at Image Expo and we at Fanboy Planet asked her after the fact if she would be interested in writing about it. We're glad she did, and hope that we can have her write more for us.

Yesterday, Lorenza gave us a rundown of the title announcements that Image made. Today, she talks about going in to some of the panels...

After a short break, people shuffled to panels or waited in lines for signings and merchandise. Panels included:

  • Construction
  • A Conversation with Todd McFarlane
  • Style, Storytelling, and Freedom (focusing on the business aspect of Image)

    I attended the Storytelling panel and found it extremely informative. Topics included artist-writer collaboration and getting over the initial fear of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

    The most important takeaway for me: continue writing even when you know what you write sucks.

    All the creators were kind and took a moment to talk with the fans during the signings, which were not too crazy with the exception of Brian K. Vaughan’s (who still owes Fanboy Planet lunch -- ed.). While everyone was civil and Vaughan was calm and patient, it was clear he was the most popular person there.

    While there I picked up the first trade of The Wicked and the Divine, third trade of East of West, the first issue of Bitch Planet, and a t-shirt from Nowhere Men. After reading Bitch Planet, I’ve decided that I’m going to be Kelly Sue DeConnick when I grow up and everyone should read it. I highly recommend checking out The Wicked and the Divine, East of West, and Nowhere Men as they’re all well-written and enthralling reads.

    Image Expo was a fun and informative experience that I definitely recommend. If you have a comic convention itch but don’t want to deal with the crowds of other cons, this is a great way to scratch it.

    Lorenza Shabe is a writer and video enthusiast. She can be found on your local internet at:
    Twitter: @plunkster

    Lorenza Shabe



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