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Comic-Con 2015: Fanboy Planet Podcast #409: CarrCast 2015! (08-12-15)
Our annual post-Comic-Con State of the Union for the Fanverse with Carr D'Angelo, Eisner award-winning retailer, Eisner judge, former movie studio executive, and Starlog editor. He's got street cred, and that street is on Earth-2! It's CarrCast 2015!

Comic-Con 2015 UPDATE: Constantine WILL Face Arrow! by Derek McCaw (08-11-15)
The CW confirms it at the Television Critics Association. Matt Ryan will return in 2015!

Comic-Con 2015: Fanboy Planet Podcast #408: Teen Tysons Go! (08-06-15)
The Fanboys bring two mammoth cartoon forces to the interview table! Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteries with the champ himself, Mike Tyson, and voice of Yung Hee, Rachel Ramas. Then from Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! the voices of Robin and Cyborg, Scott Menville and Khary Payton, with show producer/director/writers Aaron Horvath, and Michael Jelenic!  Who will win this literal battle of titans? Find that out, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2015: Ash Vs. Evil Dead - The Roundtable Pictures by Derek McCaw (08-03-15)
Because we can't have too many pictures of Bruce Campbell... or Lucy Lawless...

Comic-Con 2015: Ash Vs. Evil Dead by Derek McCaw (08-03-15)
In the room with Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Craig DiGregorio, and The Raimi Brothers...

Comic-Con 2015: Still So Much To See On Saturday... by Derek McCaw (07-30-15)
On an elevator with Outlanders when somebody says, "can you play those bagpipes?"

Comic-Con 2015: Podcast #406: We're All So Animated! (07-30-15)
Third in our a series of interview shows from Comic-Con 2015!  This episode highlights Crackle's upcoming SuperMansion and the organization Project UROK!  Featuring SuperMansion’s Bryan Cranston, Jillian Bell, Zeb Wells, Matt Senreich, Trevor Roth of Roddenberry 360° on the app White Room 02B3, and Project  UROK’s Jenny Jaffe, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2015: Podcast #405: Backing a Dark Horse at Comic-Con! (07-29-15)
Second in our a series of interview shows from Comic-Con 2015!  This episode highlights Comics!  Featuring Marisa Acocella Marchetto of Ann Tenna, The Seven Percent Solution’s Scott Tipton, Rexodus’ James Farr, Christos Gage from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10,and This Damned Band's Paul Cornell and Tony Parker!

Comic-Con 2015: The Doctor Who Panel by Ric Bretschneider (07-28-15)
What secrets did Steven Moffat reveal?

Comic-Con 2015: Snapshots Of Friday by Derek McCaw (07-27-15)
Some cosplay and previews of guests on upcoming podcasts...

Comic-Con 2015: Return Of Electra Woman And Dyna Girl! by Ric Bretschneider (07-24-15)
Pictures from Comic-Con and excitement from VidCon -- it's a YouTube regeneration!

Comic-Con 2015: Friday: When You Hear It's A Carnival... by Derek McCaw (07-24-15)
You can spend an entire day at Comic-Con without once setting foot inside...

Comic-Con 2015: Podcast #404: Fanboys vs The Evil Dead! (7-23-15)
First in a series of interview shows from Comic-Con 2015!  This episode highlights new television shows Starz’s Ash Vs Evil Dead, and TV Land’s Teachers!  Featuring Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Sam and Ivan Raimi, Katie Thomas, Cate Freedman, and Caitlin Barlow Plus a little Comic-Con controversy, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2015: Archer Comes To Comic-Con by Derek McCaw (07-23-15)
Do not become addicted to the water... or the vodka...

Comic-Con 2015: An Encounter With Peter Capaldi by Ric Bretschneider (07-23-15)
The Doctor makes an unexpected appearance for fans waiting in line...

Comic-Con 2015: Images of Thursday by Derek McCaw (07-23-15)
A day of checking in on comics creators and coming across cool cosplay...

Comic-Con 2015: Can You Beat The Pro/Fan Trivia Match? by Derek McCaw (07-23-15)
Listen in and see if you can answer questions faster than Tom Galloway...

Comic-Con 2015: The Expanse by Ric Bretschneider (07-21-15)
The SyFy channel produces an epic TV series from an epic book series. Believe it!

Comic-Con 2015: Hey, Kids, Actual Comics! Doctor Who by Derek McCaw (07-18-15)
Titan Books released a special story of the 12th Doctor stopping a Comic-Con Apocalypse!

Comic-Con 2015: Puppet Bryan Cranston Leads SuperMansion by Derek McCaw (07-17-15)
The creative team behind Robot Chicken makes a splash on Crackle...

Comic-Con 2015: Eat A Burger, Explore The Expanse... by Derek McCaw (07-16-15)
In space, no one can hear you eat chicken wings...

Comic-Con 2015: Could Constantine Face Arrow? by Derek McCaw (07-16-15)
If the stars align -- maybe the TV stars -- some Hell could be blazed in Starling City...

Comic-Con 2015: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two by Ric Bretschneider (07-16-15)
Pictures of the plot to take down President Snow!

Comic-Con 2015: Fifty Shots Of Barrowman by Ric Bretschneider (07-14-15)
Barrowman spoke of being bullied, but proves with his "Anything Goes" panel that nothing and nobody will keep him down...

Comic-Con 2015 Flashback: Dr. Mo of the Hero Initiative by Derek McCaw (07-14-15)
We knew "Dr. Mo" when... so it's time to re-run this Comic-Con Interview from 2011...

Comic-Con 2015: Star Wars Under The Stars by Derek McCaw (07-13-15)
6,000 fans leave Hall H and attend an outdoor symphony performance... it's beautiful.

Comic-Con 2015: Comic-Con The Musical by Whitney Avalon (07-12-15)
The Nerdist scores big with this one -- capturing five days in two and a half minutes...

Comic-Con 2015: Peter Facinelli Joins Supergirl by Derek McCaw (07-11-15)
The Twilight actor plays Maxwell Lord... but as a hero, or a villain?

Comic-Con 2015: The Flash Casts Jay Garrick And Patty Spivot by Derek McCaw (07-11-15)
That helmet gets a pay off... and Barry's love life will get more complicated...

Comic-Con 2015: The New Arrow Suit And Recap Of Season 3 by Derek McCaw (07-11-15)
The next evolution in green-garbed vigilante wear...

Comic-Con 2015: Batman v Superman Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-11-15)
It dropped. Is it like a bomb or da bomb?

Comic-Con 2015: Bill Murray Rocks Hall H by Ric Bretschneider (07-11-15)
Promoting Rock The Kasbah, the star seals himself as a Comic-Con favorite...

Comic-Con 2015: Keep Your Eye On Riverdale by Derek McCaw (07-11-15)
A television show on The CW... and the coming of Vampironica?

Comic-Con 2015: Ash vs. Evil Dead Debuts Halloween! by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
Ten half-hour episodes... and Ash will save us from the Deadites once more!

Comic-Con 2015: Neal McDonough Joins Arrow by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
Bye bye, Dum Dum Dugan and hello, Damien Darhk...

Comic-Con 2015: The FX Fearless Arena by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
It would be worth it just for The Strain Virtual Reality...

Comic-Con 2015:The Devil Returns In Keyzer Soze From Red 5 by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
A series of graphic novels begins to celebrate Bryan Singer's classic film...

Comic-Con 2015: Batman v Superman Transformed In LEGO by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
Watch images of the actors turn into LEGO minifigs... all in a brick mosaic...

Comic-Con 2015: Wednesday Preview Night by Derek McCaw (07-10-15)
The Exhibition Hall and a visit from The Doctor...

Comic-Con 2015: Wednesday Afternoon by Derek McCaw (07-09-15)
A walk around the Gaslamp District before braving the Exhibition Hall...

Comic-Con 2015: The DC Booth: Costumes Of Power by Derek McCaw (07-09-15)
Sure, there's Batman and Superman, but we know we really love The Flash...

Comic-Con 2015: Doctor Who Cast Voicing LEGO Dimensions by Derek McCaw (07-09-15)
That should be LEGO Dimensions in Time and Space...

Comic-Con 2015: Who Is Firestorm? by Derek McCaw (07-08-15)
A CW mural leaves an interesting blank where an actor should be...

Comic-Con 2015: Fear The Walking Dead On The Promenade by Derek McCaw (07-08-15)
An installation that tells the story better than any opening credits could...

Comic-Con 2015: The Cast Of Deadpool Coming by Derek McCaw (07-08-15)
Ryan Reynolds started off his journey on Twitter, and the rest of the cast followed suit...

Comic-Con 2015: Elodie Yung Cast As Elektra by Derek McCaw (07-07-15)
The G.I. Joe: Retaliation actress already has the look... does she have the chops?

Comic-Con 2015: It's Almost Comic-Con by Annabelle Malibago Kline (07-07-15)
Walk around on a Tuesday in downtown San Diego, and you get a pretty good preview...

Comic-Con 2015: First Look Deal For Dark Horse Entertainment! (07-07-15)
Universal Cable Productions developing four series, including Harrow County and Concrete!

Comic-Con 2015: DC Comics Announces 8 New Mini-series! by Derek McCaw (07-06-15)
And they're bringing back some original creators to breathe new life into old concepts...

Comic-Con 2015: Dynamite Brings Back James Bond (07-06-15)
Warren Ellis onboard to write Ian Fleming's superspy for mind-blowing comics...

Comic-Con 2015: Eternity: The Movie Signing by Derek McCaw (07-06-15)
Meet the band that (fictionally) changed the face of '80s music...

Comic-Con 2015: At The Airport ... It Begins... by Derek McCaw (07-05-15)
One friend of the site landed in San Diego and knew it was Comic-Con season...


Comic-Con 2015: Surviving Comic-Con by Nate Costa (07-03-15)
Nate Costa's tips for getting through five days of wonderful madness...

Comic-Con 2015: The 20th Anniversay Pro/Fan Trivia Match by Derek McCaw (07-03-15)
Twenty years of smack talk and trivia... celebrated on Sunday!

Comic-Con 2015: EW Previews Batman v Superman Panel by Derek McCaw (07-02-15)
Oh, Warner Brothers, this is almost an abusive relationship. We want this to be so good...

Comic-Con 2015: Marvel Reveals The Future by Derek McCaw (07-01-15)
Axel Alonso calls it "dropping the mic before Comic-Con," so here are 44 new titles...

Comic-Con 2015: Power Rangers Go Boom! by Derek McCaw (07-01-15)
Saban teams with Boom! Studios to create collectible comics celebrating the original series...

Comic-Con 2015: Marvel Pins Down The Fans... by Derek McCaw (07-01-15)
Marvel begins the dangerous sport of pin trading at SDCC... and it's adorable...

Comic-Con 2015: The Official Bags Of 2015 by Derek McCaw (06-30-15)
Warner Brothers Television has debuted the 13 bag options for attendees of SDCC...

Comic-Con 2015: Grant Morrison Goes Boom! With Klaus by Derek McCaw (06-30-15)
Tapping into Norse and Siberian mythology to create... well... Super Santa...

Comic-Con 2015: What Will Warner Brothers Tell Us? by Derek McCaw (06-29-15)
Is it possible that Hall H will be where the studio initially Unites the Seven?

Comic-Con 2015: Christmas In July At Hallmark by Derek McCaw (06-29-15)
They'll have different exclusive ornaments at SDCC and in their stores that same week...

Comic-Con 2015: Steven Universe Gets His Own Graphic Novel by Derek McCaw (06-26-15)
Boom! Studios gives the Cartoon Network star deluxe treatment in December...

Comic-Con 2015: Agent Coulson And The Secret Warriors by Ric Bretschneider (06-26-15)
You may not have super powers, but you can still earn a badge at Comic-Con...

Comic-Con 2015:Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion Unleash CON MAN by Derek McCaw (06-25-15)
This may be the greatest panel in all of Comic-Con...

Comic-Con 2015: The Exclusive Viz Media Ultraman Figure by Derek McCaw (06-25-15)
Because it deserves its own page....

Comic-Con 2015: Viz Brings The Exclusives... and Ultraman! by Derek McCaw (06-24-15)
There's also a new dub of Sailor Moon, and all you need to protect yourself in Hyrule...

Comic-Con 2015: The Keys! The Keys! by Derek McCaw (06-24-15)
Warner reveals (most of) the art for the keys to your hotel rooms in SDCC!

Comic-Con 2015: Michael Keaton Goes BOOM! by Derek McCaw (06-22-15)
Star will headline Imagine Agents for Fox Studios...

Comic-Con 2015: No Marvel Studios But Marvel Television? by Nate Costa (06-22-15)
Because at all conventions, Coulson Lives!

Comic-Con 2015: William Shatner Returns As James T. Kirk! by Derek McCaw (06-22-15)
The veteran actor will read excerpts from The Autobiography of James T. Kirk...

Comic-Con 2015: The Line For Hall H Awakens by Batton Lash (06-17-15)
Probably not really, but why else would Vader and Chewie be hanging out in the Gaslamp?

Comic-Con 2015: Daniel Cooney Talks The Tommy Gun Dolls by Derek McCaw (06-01-15)
The creator of an exciting new historical graphic novel talks to us before prepping for SDCC...

Comic-Con 2015: Doctor Who Returns To Comic-Con! by Derek McCaw (05-27-15)
Peter Capaldi will brave Hall H... and I know some of you are already planning the camp out...

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