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Introducing eBay Digital Comics! Wait... no... by Ric Bretschneider (12-20-13)
Could this be a new dawn for the digital comics marketplace? Um...probably not.

Dark Horse Brings A Dark Universe Together by Derek McCaw (12-16-13)
Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. Prometheus, and the winner gets to understand the movie...

Looking Glass Wars - Hatter M Kickstarter You Can't Miss! by Ric Bretschneider (12-13-13)
One more reminder that Frank Beddor's latest Kickstarter for the latest installment in The Looking Glass Wars has only five days left before it closes. This is a must-buy according to the Fanboy Planet staff!

The Mauve Wednesday Fanboy Planet Podcast Holiday Gift Guide! (12-12-13)
Gift suggestions for the discerning nerd in your life! Even more gifts added!

Daredevil Left His Heart In San Francisco by Derek McCaw (11-26-13)
Marvel NOW! announces that Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will get it back for him...

Review: Scooby Doo Team-up #1: Rhe Rave Rand Rhe Rold! by Derek McCaw (11-22-13)
The book we've been waiting for since 1971... Scooby and the Batman!

Review: Harley Quinn #0: For Puddin'Heads Only by Derek McCaw (11-22-13)
Controversial before its time, this issue is fun, but preaching to the choir...

Eric Powell's Groundhog Day - The Deleted Scene (11-20-13)
I'm not saying it's right, but this is why I love Eric Powell's work...

Review: The Fifth Beatle by Derek McCaw (11-19-13)
A biographical graphic novel that reads with all the wonder of a Beatles album...

Review: All-New X-Men #18 by Kris Koller (11-19-13)
Switching sides and loving it...

Review: Amazing X-Men #1 by Kris Koller (11-15-13)
Jason Aaron unexpectedly delivers a sublime return for Nightcrawler...

New York Comic-Con 2013: Photo Gallery 1 by Deborah J. Draisin (11-08-13)
Some more sights from the floor of New York Comic-Con...

New York Comic-Con 2013: A Report From Inside by Deborah J. Draisin (11-07-13)
Walking the floor for four days of fun, food, cosplay and zombies...there's always zombies...

Madefire Launches A War In Heavenby Liam Sharp (11-01-13)
Chilling and beautiful new motion comic with preview pages inside!

Every Story Has An Ending, Even Fables... by Derek McCaw (11-01-13)
Bill Willingham announces he's bringing Vertigo's flagship title to a close...

The Earth-2 Batman '66 Trivia Challenge by Carr D'Angelo (10-18-13)
Dare you take on self-proclaimed former Boy Wonder Carr?

Battling Boy Fights For Family Fun! by Darren Thomas (10-15-13)
Popping with energy and ideas,this may be the best book of the year...

Marvel Universe LIVE Coming To An Arena Near You (10-12-13)
That sound you hear is me whining to my son to let me take him...

Miracleman Returns -- This Time We Mean It! by Derek McCaw (10-12-13)
Not a dream, not a hoax... Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham will get to finish it!

...and 45% Of Comixology Readers Lie by Chip Mosher (10-10-13)
Where do YOU read your comics?

For The Batman Who Has Everything: Batman Eternal Coming! by Derek McCaw (10-10-13)
To celebrate Batman's 75th Anniversary in 2014... a slew of exciting books and creators!

Comics Review: Afterlife With Archie #1 by Derek McCaw (10-09-13)
It shouldn't work -- but oh, how it does...

Disney and Marvel Seek The Weird by Derek McCaw (10-08-13)
Legendary never-produced Disney attraction now haunts Marvel Comics...

Comics Review: The Star Wars #1 by Derek McCaw (09-05-13)
George Lucas' original vision hits comics, and works much better that way!

Deathmatch Must Be Read! by Darren Thomas (08-23-13)
Paul Jenkins' take on superhero crossovers is an undiscovered classic in the making!

The Muppets Omnibus Is Coming, But When? by Derek McCaw (08-23-13)
Marvel promises great kids' comics bigger than your kids' heads... is that medically sound?

Inside The BOOM: An Afternoon At BOOM! Studios by Derek McCaw (08-15-13)
Mel Caylo takes us around the BOOM!/Archaia catalog, and their offices...

The BOOM! Studios Shopping Page (08-15-13)
Books mentioned in the above article...

SDCC 2013: The Automotive Justice League (08-13-13)
KIA set up an auto show of their Justice League concept cars outside Petco Park...

Eve of Infinity by Darren Thomas (08-13-13)
A minor manifesto on early Marvel work of Jonathan Hickman and how it affects tomorrow!

Comics Review: The Thrilling Adventure Hour by Derek McCaw (08-12-13)
Relive a yesteryear of radio's heyday that never existed... as a graphic novel...

Comics Review: The Reason For Dragons by Derek McCaw (08-04-13)
Is it any more complex than so we can dream the impossible dream?

Super Spy And The Work Of Matt Kindt by Darren Thomas (08-04-13)
Please welcome our newest contributor, Darren Thomas of Earth-2!

SDCC 2013: Saturday Cosplay Gallery 1 (07-31-13)
From Aquaman to Arrested Development, Saturday had a colorful cast of characters...

SDCC 2013: Saturday Gallery (07-29-13)
Starting the day with the Toy Hunter and ending with Guardians of the Galaxy...

SDCC 2013: Friday Cosplay Gallery 2 (07-26-13)
Iron Fist! Monarch Menage! Nightwing! Unidentified Transformer and more...

SDCC 2013: Teen Titans GIANT-SIZED (07-26-13)
Maybe not quite ready to lead a parade, these were still a high point...

SDCC 2013: Friday Cosplay Gallery 1 (07-25-13)
Adventure Time! Captains America! And we're not finished by a Longshot...

SDCC 2013: Random Comic Finds 1 by Derek McCaw (07-25-13)
Reading the books I picked up: Banshee: Origins, Batman '66 #1 and Fanboys Vs. Zombies...

SDCC 2013: Friday Gallery (07-25-13)
Flying Minions! Vans by Night! And a little glimpse from The Winter Soldier...

SDCC 2013: Thursday Cosplay Gallery 2 (07-20-13)
Hot vampires! Waffle Kings! X-Men! Saga! and More!

SDCC 2013: Thursday Cosplay Gallery 1 (07-20-13)
Clone Troopers! Cobra! and much much more...

SDCC 2013: Thursday Gallery 2 (07-19-13)
So much Batmania!

SDCC 2013: Thursday Gallery 1 (07-19-13)
So much to do and see...

SDCC 2013: DC Booth's Superman 75th Anniversary Exhibit (07-18-13)
Costumes... but who could fill Christopher Reeve's boots?

SDCC 2013: The Sentinels Have Landed (07-18-13)
Trask Industries has set up at the Hard Rock Hotel... to smash mutantkind!

SDCC 2013: Shout Factory's Superhero Time Machine! (07-18-13)
Encyclopedic knowledge of multimedia superheroes from 1941 'til now -- on your PHONE!

SDCC 2013: Preview Night Gallery 3 (07-18-13)
More Rafael, a little cosplay, and reality takes a backseat to the Con!

SDCC 2013: Preview Night Gallery 2 (07-18-13)
The Marvel booth, LEGOs galore and Guns A'Blazin'!

SDCC 2013: Madefire Boldly Goes To Cybertron With My Little Pony And... (07-18-13)
The main reason I need to get an iPad? These guys. They're only going to get bigger...

SDCC 2013: Preview Night Gallery 1 (07-18-13)
A few of the sights from the first night -- crowds, booths and lines designed to prevent lines...

SDCC 2013: Electro Arrives (07-17-13)
Passers-by are seeing the origin of Amazing Spider-Man 2's villain -- and we have the video!

SDCC 2013: IDW and BBC-America On Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (07-17-13)
Paul Cornell to write the ultimate Doctor Who crossover...

Comics Review: Justice League #22 by Derek McCaw (07-10-13)
The Trinity War begins and lord, there's an awful lot of trinities...

Book Review: The Smurfs Anthology v. 1 by Derek McCaw (07-10-13)
Smarter than your average Saturday morning cartoon...

Comics Review: Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow's Avengers by Derek McCaw (07-09-13)
Get a taste of the superteam everyone will be talking about NEXT summer...

The Architects Launch "Border Wars" by Deborah J. Draisin (07-06-13)
Frontman Brandon Phillips talks about the 5-part comic book and EP series and...The Who!

The Big Wow Comics Fest CosPlay Gallery Part 4 by Ric Bretschneider (07-04-13)
Great pictures from San Jose's comics convention -- warming up for Comic-Con!

The Big Wow Comics Fest CosPlay Gallery Part 3 by Ric Bretschneider (05-30-13)
Featuring the photo that may change your mind about Ewoks...

The Big Wow Comics Fest CosPlay Gallery Part 2 by Ric Bretschneider (05-28-13)
Highlights from San Jose's great comics convention, including dueling Rogues!.

Comics Review: Clive Barker's Next Testament by Derek McCaw (05-28-13)
If this is Barker's version of Heaven, it may be more disturbing than his Hell...

The Big Wow Comics Fest CosPlay Gallery Part 1 by Ric Bretschneider (05-26-13)
Beginning the highlights from San Jose's great comics convention!.

Comics: Catch Up on The Amazing Spider-Man: Big Time by Derek McCaw (04-07-13)
The seeds of the Superior Spider-Man start here...

Mercy For Damian Wayne by Derek McCaw (03-01-13)
SPOILER if you intend to and have not yet read Batman, Inc. #8...

Suspended Animation: Claws of the Catwoman by Mark Allen (02-08-13)
The Dark Knight and the Lord of the Jungle team up to save a forgotten land...

Bridget Jones' Super-Diary: The Edge of Power by Derek McCaw (02-07-13)
Disney and Marvel team to bring us ...super-romance novels?

Hatter M Returns -- With Your Help! by Ric Bretschneider (02-07-13)
What's madder than Wonderland? Probably our own Earth...

Earth-2 Celebrates Invincible #100! by Derek McCaw (02-02-13)
Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley sign for fans and enjoy some cake... some very tall cake...

Sparks Returns as a Graphic Novel March 1st! by Derek McCaw (01-30-13)
Super noir thriller complete to compete with its film adaptation at Cinequest!

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