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Comic-Con 2015 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2015:
The Keys! The Keys!

For the past seven years, one of the highlights of Comic-Con attendance has been the key to your hotel room. No, not just because after a day at SDCC, you're so tired you could sleep like a baby, and when I say baby I mean that if someone would just prop you up in a high chair you would be out.

It's because the keys have pictures on them. Granted, they're usually ads for some cool property coming out. (I still need to find a small frame for my Batman 66 blu-ray set keycard from last year.) Warner Brothers seems to have the monopoly on them for 2015, but that's quite all right when you see what they are.

This year, if you're lucky enough to get a Teen Titans Go! card, you can use your QR reader on your smart phone and actually watch an episode of the show. For right now, it really just takes you to dccomics.com. (And if you haven't watched an episode before, you need to -- try to get one of these cards.)

Warner is holding off on revealing one image for now -- and that's Supergirl. I'm betting even money that once that pilot shows on Wednesday the 8th, it will be the most sought after of them all. (Though for the love of Rao, don't trade cards until AFTER you check out of the hotel.)

Up right you can see the Arrow card, and below are the rest. Over 400,000 cards will be distributed across 30 hotels. I'll let you know what I get.

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Derek McCaw



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