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Comic-Con 2015 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2015:
Fear The Walking Dead On The Promenade...

Ever since AMC announced it would bring Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead to television, the network has had a way of making a big impact at Comic-Con, whether it be zombies shambling around (still convinced the outbreak starts here, people) or setting up Terminus last year with some fine barbecue... they know how to get under our skin.

And this fall starts the second television series based on Kirkman's zombie epic, Fear The Walking Dead, set in the early days on the West Coast when Rick Grimes was still in a coma. And though we haven't been able to get into their installation yet, it's already a little creepy before most of the attendees get here...

The entry way...

Deeper into "Los Angeles"...

A close-up of the Bounce Castle... a chilling short story...

Scariest of all... me.

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Derek McCaw

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