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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:
Shout Factory's Superhero Time Machine

This is the new symbol for my brain.

Finally, an app that works like my brain, but with much better retrieval reliability!

For the duration of Comic-Con, fans can download Shout Factory's new app, Superhero Time Machine, for free. This app puts an encyclopedia of superhero videos at your fingertips.

Dial a year. Dial a topic. Then the Time Machine will bring up clips, full shows, and sometimes full movies featuring superhero action. Their resources range from old movie serials, cartoons, TV shows and even videogame cut scenes.

In addition, Shout Factory is kicking off a Superhero Costume Gallery, keeping a digital census of how many of each superhero are represented on the convention floor. How many Supermen? How many Spartacuses? (I've seen two so far. Damn their abs.) How many Wonder Women? Shout Factory will be able to tell you in real time.

So check out their site, and download this app for free while you can!

Just in case we're wrong about Warner's announcement...

Derek McCaw



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