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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:
Saturday Cosplay Gallery 1

Admit it... you love seeing your favorite characters brought to life, whether it's dead on accurate or just done with a lot of heart. Obviously, we do, too. So here's a slice of Saturday...

My liege..

For years, I've been accused of being a Bobasexual. It makes sense now, doesn't it?

All will be well... as long as we have comfortable shoes..

What i do I do for Queen and Country. So close your eyes and thnk of Bohemian Rhapsody as sung by Keith Urban...

Jay Garrick in the smoking sectino, but that's just because of the friction... honest....

A steampunk Green Arrow... which really isn't all that different from a regular one....

Even Hawkgirl has to answer the occasional survey question...

The kids are alright...

For some reason, all I could hear was "I am a freakazoid, come on and wind me up..."


Okay. First thought? A savage Rapunzel, but again, if I'm missing the character reference...

You had a good week, Sonja. Just ask Gail Simone...

As Rafael Navarro reminded me, theirs is a tragic love...

Perhaps technically NOT cosplay, as they are repping Fox's upcoming series Sleepy Hollow, but I loved the look...

Hands down my favorite costume -- so subtle, so elegant that of course, I blue myself..

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Derek McCaw



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