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The Earth-2 Batman '66 Trivia Challenge!

Last night, Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks hosted a party in honor of Batman '66 writer Jeff Parker. As part of the festivities, they held a trivia contest about the classic television series, and so we're going to share the questions with you here. The contest is over, but perhaps you'd like to share your answers on the Facebook page!

But beware, Bat-fans -- nobody loves Batman the television show with the passion of Carr D'Angelo, the owner of the Earth-2 Comics Emporiums. He knows this stuff. He labored over these questions. He's going to make your cowl hurt.

Or at least offer a fun diversion for a few minutes!


1) True or False: The murder of the Waynes was never mentioned on the 1966 Batman series because it would scare children.

2) Name 3 Villains that were played by more than one actor:

3) Riddle me this: Which new Villain was created to replace the Riddler when Frank Gorshin’s salary demands were unmet?

4) Mr. Freeze was not originally named Freeze in the comics; what other moniker did this villain use for chillin’?

5) Who exactly is Aunt Harriet’s nephew: Bruce, Dick or Alfred? Or none of the above?

6) If you are flying from Gotham City to England, your flight will land at the airport in which Capital City?

7) In the Joker’s Last Laugh episode, the Joker uses what kind of business as a front for his counterfeiting scheme?

8) In “The Curse of Tut,” neither Batman nor Robin is the victim of the episode’s cliffhanger. Who is?

9) What villain was used in the 8-minute Batgirl presentation short? (Hint: the villain never appeared on the series.)

10) Commodere Schmidlap was an alias appropriated once by which nautical nogoodnik?

11) In “Scat Darn Catwoman,” the Felonious Feline offers to reform and fight crime as Batman’s partner. What does she suggest for Robin if she takes his place?

12) In the first episode of Season 3, who does Penguin kidnap to force her to marry him at umbrella point? And Why?

13) What do Marsha Queen of Diamonds and and the second Riddler have in common?

14) There are two villains with names very familiar to comic book readers but the TV characters having nothing to do with their comic book counterparts. Name one of them.

15) Horror star Vincent Price played one of the least scary villains. Are you too fried to name him?

16) Holy Hoffman! Burt Ward reportedly turned down the lead role in which milestone coming-of-age 1960s movie?

Stop by the store! Once again, that's Earth-2 Comics, 15017 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. Tell 'em Fanboy Planet sent you.


Derek McCaw

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