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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:

I tried to capture a lot -- perhaps Mish'al will pop up with some more photos -- but I did also have other things pulling, including an interview with Boom Studios CEO Ross Richie coming up. Still, I think you're getting a good taste of it all...

SyFy once again takes over a local eatery and... pretty impressive make-over!.

Fandango wanted to offer you candy... no, really.

You could get a free ride from IMAX, but it came with a $6 surcharge...

The life-sized LEGO Hobbit Hole was out back behind the Convention Center...

I swear I saw that thing move..

That LEGO Robin looks an awful lot like Chris O'Donnell...

Spoke with writer Michael Lent and artist Marc Rene about their upcoming graphic novel The Machine Stops.

No doubt, we're going to have Minions underfoot and overhead for a looooong time....

The Bible supporters across the street were much calmer this year, but this still made me laugh..


I promise... that interview with Ross Richie is coming!

I really don't understand. Spend all that money to create an actual Mystery Machine,
and then stick a County Fair Scooby Doo plush toy in it?

Millennia from now, they shall find this and think we worshiped a giant hedgehog god of footwear....

Zombies wandering loose....

The Archer van roamed the streets at night...

Can we assume cameos from the Howling Commandos, or are they just museum pieces?

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