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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:
Thursday Cosplay Gallery 1

Of course, it IS really fun seeing people's imaginations and variations on characters, and let's face it -- that's what you want to see. I stress again that really, most people attending Comic-Con are dressed as themselves. And yet... we dare to dream...

A happy Aquabat -- in line to get the signatures of... the Aquabats!.

I think I would buy this team book.

Drive traffic up, Olud Chum..

Someone who loves wizardry very very much....

Send in the clones...

They have a good benefits plan.....

Classy and regal... what is she doing here? .

Somebody keep her away from any mirrors...

It's only Thursday and already too much coffee...


Still not sure what "Infex" is, but this guy played his part to the hilt.t...

Allegedly you can get these through Etsy. Try it, Ric...

Halloween lasts for five days at Comic-Con...

Preview Night Part 1

Preview Night Part 2

Derek McCaw

Preview Night Part 3

Thursday Part 1

Thursday Part 2



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