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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:
Friday Cosplay Gallery 2

Admit it... you love seeing your favorite characters brought to life, whether it's dead on accurate or just done with a lot of heart. Obviously, we do, too. So here's a slice of Friday...

If he went for that as a tattoo, I'm impressed....

He maintains the code of the Henchmen...

Looks like the Monarch's cloning experiments worked....

Nightwing... strangely in broad daylight....

I admit it -- I was afraid this promotion for Oldboy might go a little too far when I got the email to look for hotel girls...
Thankfully, just got a door hanger...

In hindsight, these MIGHT not be Con attendees....

Today, it's make-up. Within five years, I predict it will be done with gene splicing like in Batman Beyond..

Actually, another promotion, for the CW's Reign, about Mary, Queen of Scots.
It will be like The Tudors only with just the implication of a lot of sex and violence.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Con-goers?


..my daughter says she's going to Mortal Instruments dressed as a Shadow Hunter...
is this what she means?

woo HOO! My annual sighting of an anime character I recognize! Go, Spirited Away!.

I don't know which Transformer this is. I don't think the kids do, either...

Good heavens! Does the Owl know? Did anybody notice it was a runcible moon?

In Victorian Times, one kept one's ivy restrained...

I think I may have to keep a Zatanna count... she may have replaced Slave Girl Leia as the most popular costume...

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