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The Muppets Omnibus Is Coming, But When?

Okay. For the sake of journalistic integrity, let's point out that all this work was originally done for BOOM! Studios when they had the Disney license. And for whatever reason -- seriously, nobody seems to know -- Disney has not done anything solidly ongoing with their properties since purchasing Marvel and pulling their licenses from elsewhere.

Yes, there were two brief forays: John Carter of Mars (which had previously been a title at Marvel decades ago) and TRON -- for two issues.

Since then, Marvel has basically reprinted the BOOM! material, and why not? They now have the rights, and it's all good stuff. However, we can note that this upcoming Omnibus Edition carries a "Disney Comics" logo, so just maybe...

Regardless, this IS good material. Roger Langridge is one of the best cartoonists -- and I use that in the purest sense of the word -- working. (Check out Snarked! which he does still do for BOOM!).

The beauty of Langridge's work here, especially in The Muppet Show, is that it really feels like The Muppet Show. His exploration of Gonzo made me choke up a little bit just like that moment in The Muppet Movie when he sings "I'm Going To Go Back There Someday." This stuff is good. You'll want it. And you'll want your kids to love it, too.

The problem with this announcement is... there's no release date attached! And Amazon doesn't have anything listed. So let's call it a leak for now, and keep checking with your local retailer.*

From Marvel:

Set the music! Set the lights! Jim Henson’s beloved creations are taking the stage at Marvel with The Muppets Omnibus Hardcover! Fan favorite writer  Roger Langridge’s award-winning comic adventures of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear, and all your favorite felt friends are finally collected in this oversized hardcover collection that’s as massive as it is hilarious! Collecting The Muppet Show, The Muppet Show Comic Book: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson, The Muppet Show Comic Book, and The Muppets, no fan can afford to miss this essential piece of Muppet Mastery!

"I'm extremely proud of the work I did on the Muppet Show comic books and thrilled to hear that they'll be available soon in this long-lasting format,” said Langridge. “This is one of those rare cases where corporate imperatives neatly intersected with a cartoonist's own interests and passions, and I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that Marvel thought my efforts were worth commemorating with such a prestigious edition."

Explore every corner of the Muppet Universe, from the broiling labs of Bunsen and Beaker to the DEEP reaches of the galaxy with Piiiigs In Spaaace, in a Muppet experience like no other. And of course, no Muppet production would be complete without Kermit and the Glam Ham herself, Miss Piggy! Strap in for a knee-slapping joy ride that celebrates the best of what the Muppets and comics have to offer with The Muppets Omnibus Hardcover!

*May we suggest, of course, Illusive Comics & Games in San Jose or Earth-2 in Los Angeles?

Derek McCaw

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