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Big Wow! Today's Date:

Big Wow Comics Fest 2013:
Cosplay Part 3

Last weekend San Jose threw its annual love letter to the comics industry, the Big Wow! Comics Festival and, if you listen to the podcast, you'll note that we all agree that this is really becoming a show to be reckoned with. Top creators attend (hey, Stan!) and, if you weren't aware, the Silicon Valley is home to a lot of great cosplayers. So let's begin touting them!

Ric got some great shots -- and though I've seen similar things happen at Comic-Con, there's just something ridiculously fun about seeing teams of cosplayers competing at Rock Band. I will never, ever get tired of it. Maybe.

(photos by Ric Bretschneider, text by Derek McCaw)

Gallery Part 1 Here

Gallery Part 2 Here

This kid has no idea how great his life actually is....

And this is the way I prefer to think of the Valkyrie, pleasant but ready to skewer you if necessary...

Some of Marvel's toughest dames...

Does Black Cat wear pearls anytime other than when Kevin Smith writes her?

"100 DOLLARS FOR STAN LEE"S AUTOGRAPH?!?" At Cons, no one can hear you scream....

I would totally buy this book.

A preview of Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman?.


And the Steampunk World's Finest have their Rogues' Gallery!

Before Wolverine, there was... Captain Scarlet!

Iron Mandarin?

.Woody's Round-up or Cowboy Bebop? No, it's French cartoon favorite Lucky Luke!.

Yes, i think this man puts many of us to shame... and hears the lamentations of our women...

"I had a Jokerfish THIS BIG..."



Derek McCaw



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