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Comic-Con 2013 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2013:
Thursday Cosplay Gallery 2

Of course, it IS really fun seeing people's imaginations and variations on characters, and let's face it -- that's what you want to see. I stress again that really, most people attending Comic-Con are dressed as themselves. And yet... we dare to dream...

Gallery 1 Here

"Land-Shark... seriously, Dave, I don't GET this.."

At first I thought this was the Little Bad Wolf, but now that I see his shirt, I think it's something I'm missing. Help?

Finally, somebody puts the Beast in sensible footwear... that carpet is DIRTY!

Someone who gets the Southern Belle part of the character....

Still the only ones I've seen at Con so far... but love that Saga makes a great couples cosplay...

DC should really commit to a John Stewart Old West mini-series.....

Not part of the exhibit... .

Don't know the specifics; I just liked the look...

Clearly a proponent of Superman wearing his underwear on the outside...


That is one unhappy undead...

While we all enjoyed Disney Infinity from inside, she stood outside feeding on our souls...

A rare moment of the otherwise upbeat Waffle King feeling down...

Preview Night Part 1

Preview Night Part 2

Derek McCaw

Preview Night Part 3

Thursday Part 1

Thursday Part 2



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