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Suspended Animation:
Claws of the Catwoman

When it comes to comic book stories, I’m a sucker for crossovers.  It’s very basic: when a fan has formed a respect and admiration for two characters, intrigue at the thought of throwing them together naturally follows.  And, having grown up on cartoons featuring Batman and Tarzan, the “little guy” in me had the most to say about plunking down the cash for Batman/Tarzan: Claws of The Catwoman.

I never like to give away a good story, so suffice it to say that the adventures of Tarzan always seem most “at home” in a lost city of some sort.  This story is no different, as the Lord of the Jungle and the Caped Crusader find themselves drawn into an adventure which leads them to just such a locale.  The exploit is fast-paced and entertaining, thanks to writer Ron Marz.

Marz keeps both characters true to their essences, bringing to light common characteristics, as well as glaring differences between the two.

While any self-respecting fanboy enjoys a good throw-down (“Who do you think would win in a fight between…..?”), Mr. Marz creates instances in which varying philosophies which define the characters cause a different kind of sparks to fly.  He also gives readers intriguing variations on the characters Harvey Dent/Two-face, and Catwoman in this Elseworlds-type story.

Artist Igor Kordey lends his lavish and detailed art style to this period yarn.  Not that I (obviously) don’t already consider the medium of comics art worthy of respect, but Kordey is one of those artisans whose work seems to lift an already-unique art form to a higher level.  And while there are more talented storytellers in the field, some of Kordey’s panels would seem at home hanging in a museum.  The Dave Dorman cover art is icing on the cake.

Batman/Tarzan: Claws of The Catwoman is highly recommended for all but the youngest readers.  Find it at comics shops, conventions, or online auctions and retailers.  But, try your local comics shop first.

Mark Allen

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