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Comic-Con 2013:
The Sentinels Have Landed

It has fought for humanity.

Nice. Just as Sony teased Electro last night, just a few yards away Fox set up a booth for Trask Industries and gave the world its first look at the Sentinel head -- all in anticipation of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Passers-by are given a postcard commemorating 50 years of Trask Industries. The postcard directs us to trask-industries.com, where it looks like something big will be coming.

Both the card and the website emphasize the Hard Rock Hotel, so perhaps we'll get something more...

For those not up to speed on X-Men continuity, Days of Future Past looks to be inspired by a classic two-issue (oh, for the days when it could be done in two issues) story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

In their version, a future Kitty Pryde (confirmed as a returning Ellen Page) has to send her mind back into the present in order to convince her teammates to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly.

If they don't, her horrible future will come to pass, in which most of the mutants have been exterminated. Those that haven't have been rounded up into concentration camps.

Since the movies have already dealt with Senator Kelly, it's unlikely that that will directly be the macguffin, but Director Bryan Singer will be bringing two teams together -- those introduced in the excellent X-Men: First Class and those pretty much destroyed by X: The Last Stand.

Rumor has it that most likely Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) will be the character crossing the timelines, but for today, it's conjecture. But for tomorrow, if there is one...

A suspicious Trask employee...


Where would we be without them?

And they get even more advanced?

We shall pay attention for the big announcement.

Derek McCaw



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