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Fanboy Planet Podcast #413: Film Festivals, Just So Festive! (09-22-15)
Aladdin isn't the only Diamond in the Rough -- we've got Rob Campbell of the Diamond in the Rough Independent Film Festival! Also previewing our Convolution 2015 appearance, Silicon Valley Comic Con, Bill Finger, Bill and Ted, Edgar Rice Burroughs comics, Star Wars movie rumors, and more television than we can watch in a week!

Doctor Who The Magician's Apprentice by Drew Simchik (09-21-15)
Oh, Missy, you so fine...

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016: Shatner To Celebrate Star Trek's 50th (09-21-15)
San Jose Convention... the Final Frontier...

Blue Beetle And Booster Gold Movie Coming? by Derek McCaw (09-17-15)
Reports are coming in that Gregg Berlanti will work movie magic, and fans say yes!

Minecraft: Story Mode Approaches by Ric Bretschneider (09-16-15)
Will Telltale Games split a modern classic game into TWO modern classic games?

All New All Different Marvel All 1972? by Derek McCaw (09-15-15)
Will Red Wolf and Patsy Walker herald a new Mighty Marvel Age?

Fanboy Planet Podcast #412: Force Friday Forever! (9-11-15)
The fanboys present our Star Wars Force Friday recap with Drew Campbell, Red Wolf news, Batman Day, Neil Gaiman bargain, that Wonder Woman just might make a movie, Arrow news, Preacher sighting, and so much more!

Dragon Con Gets Arrow Season 4 Trailer (09-07-15)
Further proof that DC on TV is KILLING IT!

Marvel Releases Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Trailer (09-06-15)
Bring on the Secret Warriors!

Force Friday At Times Square by Elisa G. Schneider (09-05-15)
The Times Square Toys R Us celebrates with Star Wars fans in high style...

Force Friday Flashback: Loopin' Chewie by Ric Bretschneider (09-04-15)
Ric reviewed the concept when it was first announced, and finally -- WE CAN BUY IT!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #411: Everything's Better with Murray! (09-04-15)
The Fanboys chew on Marvel Studios shakeups, Fear the Walking Dead, Silver Surfer, the Return of River Song, good-bye Wes Craven, Orphan Black to Star Wars, Ready Player One, Dreamworks' potential mistake, Civil War movie leaks, Teachers, Ghostbusters developments, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #410: The Fanboys from U.N.C.L.E.! (08-28-15)
The Fanboy crew is joined by San Jose Mercury columnist and James Bond aficionado Sal Pizarro an epic discussion of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and SPECTRE as well as Secret Wars, The Flash news, Fear the Walking Dead, Nathan Fillion's aspirations, and so much more!

D23 Expo 2015: Can You Smell What Disney Is Cooking? by Derek McCaw (08-21-15)
Both Shakira and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson dreamed of being Disney cartoons...

Marvel Announces Cosplay Variant Covers! by Derek McCaw (08-21-15)
Relaunching #1 issues starting in October. You might recognize these people!

Witchblade Comes To A Close; Long Live Switch! by Derek McCaw (08-21-15)
Top Cow's flagship title ends on its 20th Anniversary, but finds new life in October...

Throwback Thursday: An Interview With Brad Meltzer by Derek McCaw (08-20-15)
In honor of DC's releasing Green Arrow: Archer's Quest Deluxe Edition, a look back to 2004...

D23 Expo 2015: Dancing For Disney Infinity 3.0 by Derek McCaw (08-19-15)
We really had to work for our free figure... only our dignity was compromised...

Ms. Marvel In Graphic Audio Form by Derek McCaw (08-17-15)
Can a comic book become a movie in your mind?

Please Welcome Our New Sponsor: ChameleonJohn.com (08-17-15)
Online coupon codes for major retailers, and a scholarship fund to boot!

Review: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. by Ric Bretschneider (08-13-15)
Another '60s TV Show to Movie reboot. Is the Cold War hot enough?

Marvel Takes Us Beyond Battleworld In November by Derek McCaw (08-12-15)
Do you dare join Secret Wars Too (the title of which should totally include a comma)?

It's Just The Doctor And Clara In The TARDIS by Derek McCaw (08-12-15)
The BBC releases a new trailer for Doctor Who Season Nine... and it's Dalekcious...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #409: CarrCast 2015! (08-12-15)
Our annual post-Comic-Con State of the Union for the Fanverse with Carr D'Angelo, Eisner award-winning retailer, Eisner judge, former movie studio executive, and Starlog editor. He's got street cred, and that street is on Earth-2! It's CarrCast 2015!

Entertainment Weekly Awakens The Force In Fans by Derek McCaw (08-12-15)
Did anybody else know a new Star Wars movie was coming out? Anybody?

The CW Reveals The Flash Of Two Worlds! by Derek McCaw (08-11-15)
The first look at Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick is done in the coolest way possible!

Comic-Con 2015 UPDATE: Constantine WILL Face Arrow! by Derek McCaw (08-11-15)
The CW confirms it at the Television Critics Association. Matt Ryan will return in 2015!

Tom Hardy Loading 100 Bullets by Derek McCaw (08-11-15)
New Line Cinema developing the Vertigo comics series with Hardy producing and starring...

What Role Would Bring Gene Wilder Back? by Derek McCaw (08-11-15)
Rumors -- only rumors -- that Steven Spielberg is coaxing the actor out of retirement...

The World's Deadliest Assassin/Senior Citizen by Digger T. Mesch (08-10-15)
Meet Agent 88... or rather, an 80-year-old actor/stuntwoman who could kick all of our butts...

Fox Asked Us To Take Down Fantastic Four Synopsis by Derek McCaw (08-10-15)
Could the failure of the film been avoided right from the start?

Marvel Unveils The Next Chapter In Star Wars Canon... by Derek McCaw (08-08-15)
A preview of Journey To The Force Awakens: Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1...

Invincible Iron Man #1: As Many Variant Covers As Suits... by Derek McCaw (08-07-15)
Oh, yeah, there are some preview pages here, too...

Review: Attack On Titan by Mish'al Samman (08-07-15)
Apparently adapting comics to live-action is an international problem this week...

Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham To Finish Miracleman... by Derek McCaw (08-06-15)
This is the announcement I've been waiting for since Marvel got the rights...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #408: Teen Tysons Go! (08-06-15)
The Fanboys bring two mammoth cartoon forces to the interview table! Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteries with the champ himself, Mike Tyson, and voice of Yung Hee, Rachel Ramas. Then from Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! the voices of Robin and Cyborg, Scott Menville and Khary Payton, with show producer/director/writers Aaron Horvath, and Michael Jelenic!  Who will win this literal battle of titans? Find that out, and so much more!

Review: Fantastic Four by Derek McCaw (08-06-15)
This could have been good, if they decided what they wanted it to be...

Review: Shaun The Sheep by Derek McCaw (08-05-15)
A silent film comedy disguised as a children's movie...

The Complete Star Wars Saga Returns To Blu-ray by Derek McCaw (08-05-15)
...and in November, steelbooks, too. The salesforce is strong with this one....

Fanboy Planet Podcast #407: And... TAKE TWO! -(08-04-15)
Two overly-prepared fanboys discuss Spidey!, The Star Wars mini-universe, Dan DiDio on relaunches, The Fantastic Four, the truth about Steve Trevor, The Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad, One Last Wolverine, Ant-Man’s huge impact, Doctor Who on the big screen, The Killing Joke, A Netflix Marvel announcement, Brooklyn Animal Control, and so much more!

Celebrate Doctor Who Day 2015 At Isle Of Gamers by Derek McCaw (08-03-15)
Because we needed a late summer holiday, and this one will do quite nicely...

Journey Back To Imagination With Figment 2... by Derek McCaw (08-03-15)
Jim Zub returns along with Figment and Dreamfinder for a new Disney Kingdoms adventure...

Comic-Con 2015: Ash Vs. Evil Dead - The Roundtable Pictures by Derek McCaw (08-03-15)
Because we can't have too many pictures of Bruce Campbell... or Lucy Lawless...

Comic-Con 2015: Ash Vs. Evil Dead by Derek McCaw (08-03-15)
In the room with Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Craig DiGregorio, and The Raimi Brothers...

PBS Airing Danny Elfman/Tim Burton Tribute by Derek McCaw (08-02-15)
At last, this is Halloween on PBS...

Kaboom! Goes Back Over The Garden Wall... by Derek McCaw (08-01-15)
Revisit this beautiful Cartoon Network show in a four-issue mini-series...

Announcing The Collected Works Of Hayao Miyazaki by Derek McCaw (07-31-15)
Unfortunately, this boxed set will not be delivered by Kiki...

A Legendary Avenger Returns... by Derek McCaw (07-31-15)
Dane Whitman will be exiled to Weirdworld in Black Knight #1...

Throwback Thursday: Once Upon A Dime (07-30-15)
Mark Hamill made a movie about Comic-Con, and we created the fanzine to go with it...

Comic-Con 2015: Still So Much To See On Saturday... by Derek McCaw (07-30-15)
On an elevator with Outlanders when somebody says, "can you play those bagpipes?"

Fanboy Planet Podcast #406: We're All So Animated! (07-30-15)
Third in our a series of interview shows from Comic-Con 2015!  This episode highlights Crackle's upcoming SuperMansion and the organization Project UROK!  Featuring SuperMansion’s Bryan Cranston, Jillian Bell, Zeb Wells, Matt Senreich, Trevor Roth of Roddenberry 360° on the app White Room 02B3, and Project  UROK’s Jenny Jaffe, and so much more!

Review: Vacation by Derek McCaw (07-29-15)
At least Wally World got some new rides... but why don't they have one in Florida?

Fanboy Planet Podcast #405: Backing a Dark Horse at Comic-Con! (07-29-15)
Second in our a series of interview shows from Comic-Con 2015!  This episode highlights Comics!  Featuring Marisa Acocella Marchetto of Ann Tenna, The Seven Percent Solution’s Scott Tipton, Rexodus’ James Farr, Christos Gage from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10,and This Damned Band's Paul Cornell and Tony Parker!

Review: Justice League: Gods And Monsters by Derek McCaw (07-28-15)
The League is twisted here, but they do find their way to justice...

Hugh Jackman: #OneLastTime by Derek McCaw (07-28-15)
The actor wants to know what you want to see for his last outing as Wolverine...

Mark Hamill Voicing The Killing Joke? by Derek McCaw (07-28-15)
He wants to do it. Some claim he already has.

Review: Scooby Doo! And KISS: Rock And Roll Mystery by Derek McCaw (07-28-15)
Finally determining whether Scooby Doo's or Gene Simmons' tongue is longer...

Comic-Con 2015: The Doctor Who Panel by Ric Bretschneider (07-28-15)
What secrets did Steven Moffat reveal?

Comic-Con 2015: Snapshots Of Friday by Derek McCaw (07-27-15)
Some cosplay and previews of guests on upcoming podcasts...

Comic-Con 2015: Return Of Electra Woman And Dyna Girl! by Ric Bretschneider (07-24-15)
Pictures from Comic-Con and excitement from VidCon -- it's a YouTube regeneration!

Comic-Con 2015: Friday: When You Hear It's A Carnival... by Derek McCaw (07-24-15)
You can spend an entire day at Comic-Con without once setting foot inside...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #404: Fanboys vs The Evil Dead! (7-23-15)
First in a series of interview shows from Comic-Con 2015!  This episode highlights new television shows Starz’s Ash Vs Evil Dead, and TV Land’s Teachers!  Featuring Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Sam and Ivan Raimi, Katie Thomas, Cate Freedman, and Caitlin Barlow Plus a little Comic-Con controversy, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2015: Archer Comes To Comic-Con by Derek McCaw (07-23-15)
Do not become addicted to the water... or the vodka...

The Original Short Pixels (07-23-15)
Whether the movie is good or bad, the original two-minute short was clever...

Comic-Con 2015: An Encounter With Peter Capaldi by Ric Bretschneider (07-23-15)
The Doctor makes an unexpected appearance for fans waiting in line...

Comic-Con 2015: Images of Thursday by Derek McCaw (07-23-15)
A day of checking in on comics creators and coming across cool cosplay...

Comic-Con 2015: Can You Beat The Pro/Fan Trivia Match? by Derek McCaw (07-23-15)
Listen in and see if you can answer questions faster than Tom Galloway...

The Latest Spectre Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-22-15)
Is James Bond finally redefined for the 21st Century?

Comic-Con 2015: The Expanse by Ric Bretschneider (07-21-15)
The SyFy channel produces an epic TV series from an epic book series. Believe it!

First Look At The Flash's New Costume by Derek McCaw (07-20-15)
Putting the zip into zipper... what the well-dressed scarlet speedster will wear for season 2...

Help Kickstart Kros: Hallowed Ground by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake (07-20-15)
The bloodiest battle in the Civil War is about to get bloodier as the vampires start to feed...

It's Tough To Be An Ant-Man by Derek McCaw (07-18-15)
See excerpts from the movie the way it was meant to be seen... underground with ants!

Announcing The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Boxed Set (07-18-15)
From Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man, just in time for Christmas!

Comic-Con 2015: Hey, Kids, Actual Comics! Doctor Who by Derek McCaw (07-18-15)
Titan Books released a special story of the 12th Doctor stopping a Comic-Con Apocalypse!

Comic-Con 2015: Puppet Bryan Cranston Leads SuperMansion by Derek McCaw (07-17-15)
The creative team behind Robot Chicken makes a splash on Crackle...

So That Old Joke About Ant-Man...by Derek McCaw (07-17-15)
A classic Saturday Night Live sketch that provided what most people knew about Ant-Man...

Review: Ant-Man by Ric Bretschneider (07-16-15)
Turns out that relative strength of an ant works pretty well...

Comic-Con 2015: Eat A Burger, Explore The Expanse... by Derek McCaw (07-16-15)
In space, no one can hear you eat chicken wings...

Comic-Con 2015: Could Constantine Face Arrow? by Derek McCaw (07-16-15)
If the stars align -- maybe the TV stars -- some Hell could be blazed in Starling City...

Comic-Con 2015: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two by Ric Bretschneider (07-16-15)
Pictures of the plot to take down President Snow!

Marvel Announces Vader Down by Derek McCaw (07-15-15)
The Rebels corner Darth Vader and it takes four creators to tell the story!

Blade Returns... But Who Is She? by Derek McCaw (07-15-15)
Marvel has a special Halloween treat from Tim Seeley...

Comic-Con 2015: Fifty Shots Of Barrowman by Ric Bretschneider (07-14-15)
Barrowman spoke of being bullied, but proves with his "Anything Goes" panel that nothing and nobody will keep him down...

Comic-Con 2015 Flashback: Dr. Mo of the Hero Initiative by Derek McCaw (07-14-15)
We knew "Dr. Mo" when... so it's time to re-run this Comic-Con Interview from 2011...

The Last Fantastic Four Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-14-15)
Two days after Comic-Con, Fox remembers they have this superhero movie opening first...

Comic-Con 2015: Star Wars Under The Stars by Derek McCaw (07-13-15)
6,000 fans leave Hall H and attend an outdoor symphony performance... it's beautiful.

Comic-Con 2015: Comic-Con The Musical by Whitney Avalon (07-12-15)
The Nerdist scores big with this one -- capturing five days in two and a half minutes...





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