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VIDEO: Crackpot Comics: Friday by Lon Lopez (12-23-10)
Superstar creator Hank Piller arrives... everything should be just fine, shouldn't it?

VIDEO: Crackpot Comics: Thursday by Lon Lopez (12-22-10)
Herm undertakes a quest to New Mexico to get the missing box of comics...

Review: True Grit by David J. Fowlie (12-22-10)
The Coen Brothers deliver what Fowlie considers a perfect film...

VIDEO: Crackpot Comics: Wednesday by Lon Lopez (12-21-10)
A visit to the crosstown rivals, Caw Caw Comics...

VIDEO: Crackpot Comics: Tuesday by Lon Lopez (12-20-10)
The boys scheme to get extra copies of Fightman #1 in time for Saturday's signing...

VIDEO: Crackpot Comics: Monday by Lon Lopez (12-19-10)
As a Christmas present to our readers/viewers/listeners, all this week, we're serializing Lon Lopez' movie about life in a comics shop...starring Tony DiCorti, Nate Costa and Drew Campbell...

Review: Yogi Bear by Derek McCaw (12-19-10)
Smarter than the average bear? Maybe, but how smart IS the average bear?

Review: TRON Legacy by Derek McCaw (12-17-10)
Re-enter the World of TRON, but you might not want to download your consciousness...

Review: Tangled by David J. Fowlie (11-29-10)
Disney Animation revives a classic fairy tale... and itself!

Leslie Nielsen: A Remembrance by Christopher J. Garcia (11-29-10)
He may have changed the face of comedy, and of his own career...

Review: Faster by David J. Fowlie (11-23-10)
If only that would describe Dwayne Johnson's career revival...

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 by Ted Kopulos (11-19-10)
Everything's in there but the birthday cake in the kitchen sink?

Review: Devil by David J. Fowlie (09-20-10)
...and so "The Night Chronicles" begin. If only we could skip to the end...

Video: SuperHamm? by Derek McCaw (09-17-10)
Jon Hamm calls it internet speculation, but he's willing to talk. Because he's not crazy.

Review: The Town by Derek McCaw (09-17-10)
You might not like Ben Affleck the actor, but you WILL respect Ben Affleck the director...

Review: Machete by David J. Fowlie (09-03-10)
The just messed with the wrong movie reviewer...

Review: Centurion by David J. Fowlie (08-27-10)
When a gladiator movie just isn't enough...

Review: The Last Exorcism by David J. Fowlie (08-26-10)
Forget saving souls... can he save the box office?

Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World by Lon Lopez (08-13-10)
The youth of America would rise up... but they have to save this game first...

Review: The Expendables by Derek McCaw (08-13-10)
The boys are back in town... and they're all out of bubble gum...

Video: If The Avengers Had Been Made In 1952 (08-10-10)
Actually, that WAS an issue of What If -- ? but why quibble?

Review: The Other Guys by Derek McCaw (08-06-10)
Ferrell plays button-down cop and Wahlberg says hi to your mother for you...

Comic-Con 2010 VIDEO: The Machete Party by Lon Lopez (08-03-10)
How does Robert Rodriguez make tacos? With a machete...

Review: Dinner For Schmucks by David J. Fowlie (07-30-10)
Remember the days we could just make fun of people?

Comic-Con 2010: Thor Footage (07-30-10)
For as long as it lasts, here's what Marvel showed of Thor at Comic-Con...

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear (07-30-10)
Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo? It's the role of a lifetime. A lifetime, I tell ya...

Review: Salt by David J. Fowlie (07-27-10)
Take it with a few grains of, oh, something, can't think of what it is...

Comic-Con 2010: Sucker Punch Trailer (07-27-10)
I don't understand you, Zack Snyder, but I'm compelled to watch...

Green Lantern Posters Revealed -- First Look At Sinestro! (07-26-10)
Holy crap... they're awesome.

Comic-Con 2010 VIDEO: Avengers Assembled (07-26-10)
You've heard the news, but seeing it is still amazing...

Comic-Con 2010 VIDEO: Green Lantern At Comic-Con (07-26-10)
Ryan Reynolds and the cast interact with fans ... and Reynolds recites the oath...

Comic-Con 2010: Paul Comes To Comic-Con (07-18-10)
Nick Frost and Simon Pegg bring an alien to nerdvana...

More Green Lantern Pics! (07-16-10)
A closer look at Peter Sarsgaard as villainous ladies' man Hector Hammond...

Review: Inception by Derek McCaw (07-16-10)
You don't have to let it blow your mind, but it helps...

Comic-Con 2010: TRON: Legacy Will Blow Our Minds! (07-15-10)

Ryan Reynolds Revealed As Green Lantern! (07-15-10)
Is this the photo that broke the internet in half (today)?

Review: The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Derek McCaw (07-14-10)
A loud colorful family adventure in which Nicolas Cage is the subtle one...

Thor and Captain America Going 3-D (07-14-10)
Not particularly surprising, but the real story is the new pic of the Odin Family...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO/PICTURES: Transformers 3 on the Streets of Chicago (07-10-10)
Ric Bretschneider stumbles across the wreckage caused by giant fighting robot cars!

VIDEO: Noel Clarke in Reign of Death (07-09-10)
What's he been doing since Doctor Who? Check out this short sci-fi noir film to find out!

Review: Predators by Lon Lopez (07-09-10)
Monsters with honor... exactly which side is that describing?

Review: Despicable Me by Derek McCaw (07-08-10)
Far from despicable, and often quite funny...

Review: The Last Airbender by David J. Fowlie (07-01-10)
Airbender? Sounds more like airball...

Review: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse by Derek McCaw (06-30-10)
Finally, the one the rest of us can not hate as much...

Review: Grown Ups by Derek McCaw (06-25-10)
Who's your favorite '90s Saturday Night Live cast member?

Review: Knight and Day by David J. Fowlie (06-25-10)
You know, that other romantic comedy about secret agents...

Review: Toy Story 3 by David J. Fowlie (06-18-10)
The trilogy gets a fitting ending... be sure to hug your toys today.

Review: Jonah Hex by Derek McCaw (06-18-10)
From hard-bitten bounty hunter to The Corpse Whisperer, it's a rough transition to screen...

Review: The A-Team by David J. Fowlie (06-14-10)
The '80's struck movie theaters with a vengeance this weekend...

Review: The Karate Kid by Derek McCaw (06-11-10)
All that's needed is a bad guy to say "I must break you..."

Video: The Grim and Gritty Mortal Kombat (06-08-10)
If you're going to update a concept, take it in a slightly different direction and still wow us...

Review: Splice by David J. Fowlie (06-04-10)
Is playing Mad Doctor more fun than playing just Doctor?

Review: Get Him To The Greek by Derek McCaw (06-04-10)
Forget Sarah Marshall; it's all about Aldous Snow!

Review: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by Derek McCaw (05-28-10)
Prince Dastan might not be Sinbad or Aladdin, but for now, he'll do...

Review: Survival of the Dead by Dave Reda (05-28-10)
A good feud ain't over until everybody's dead... 'course now that means something diff'rnt...

James MacAvoy Joins X-Men: First Class by Derek McCaw (05-27-10)
Playing Charles Xavier in the prequel Fox intends to lob on the heels of Thor...

Review: Shrek Forever After by Derek McCaw (05-21-10)
Every time a bell rings, an ogre gets gas...

Review: MacGruber by Matt Sameck (05-21-10)
Best movie ever spun from a 30-second sketch, but how much praise is that?

Review: Robin Hood by Derek McCaw (05-14-10)
No Merry Men or Maids, just a lot of blood, sweat and political intrigue...

The Heroic Movie Age: After Iron Man 2, What's Next? by Derek McCaw (05-11-10)
Starting a fanboy hullabaloo about where the Marvel Movie Universe might be going...

Review: Iron Man 2 by Derek McCaw (05-07-10)
Twice as many men in armor, but not quite as much fun...

DVD Review: The Tooth Fairy by Matt Sameck (05-06-10)
Dwayne Johnson movies starting to make us look a little down in the mouth...

Review: The Losers by Derek McCaw (04-23-10)
When you're in trouble, call the A-Team...

Review: Kick-Ass by Lon Lopez (04-15-10)
Sit down, Spider-Man; Kick-Ass owns!

Review: After.Life by Derek McCaw (04-11-10)
Liam Neeson deprives helpless victims of life... or at least two hours of it...

Review: Date Night by Derek McCaw (04-11-10)
Steve Carell and Tina Fey give hope to married couples all across America...

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon by Derek McCaw (03-26-10)
Whatever you call it, it's a good movie...

Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine by Lon Lopez (03-26-10)
Just be careful what you're drinking when you're soaking...

Memories of Robert Culp by Derek McCaw (03-25-10)
The Fanboy Planet crew worked the late actor's appearance at Comic-Con 2008...

Video Review: Alice In Wonderland by Derek McCaw (03-06-10)
Down the rabbit hole and it's dark, dark, dark... but not much fun.

Review: Cop Out by Lon Lopez (02-26-10)
The buddy cop film is back ... did you miss it?

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