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Reviewed: Ali by Derek McCaw (12-24-01, 10:48 PM)
Call him Fresh Prince and he'll punch you in the nose.

Reviewed: The Majestic by Derek McCaw (12-21-01, 4:55 PM)
It's a wonderful life, if not for those pesky commie sympathizers...

Reviewed: The Fellowship of the Rings by Derek McCaw (12-19-01, 4:20 PM)
Three hours that you will gladly spend again.

Reviewed: Vanilla Sky by Jordan Rosa (12-14-01, 8:35 AM)
Cruise, Cruz, and Diaz. Nice mental picture.

Reviewed: Ocean's 11 by Derek McCaw (12-06-01, 12:55 AM)
How much cooler can it get? No mas cooler.

Reviewed: Brigham City by Derek McCaw (12-05-01, 4:30 PM)
"Congratulations, Sheriff. You've got a serial killer."

Reviewed: Behind Enemy Lines by Jordan Rosa (11-30-01, 2:30 PM)
Gene Hackman sure works a lot, doesn't he?

Reviewed: The Affair of the Necklace by Derek McCaw (11-30-01, 11:45 AM)
It's not a chick flick, honest.

Reviewed: Black Knight by Derek McCaw (11-21-01, 11:15 AM)
One question: where did they get the medieval Nikes?

Reviewed: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone by Derek McCaw (11-16-01, 2:40 PM)
I went to the website and got into Gryffindor. Nyaah.

Reviewed: Shallow Hal by Derek McCaw (11-09-01, 10:55 AM)
A film that tries to have its cake and eat it, too. Did someone say cake?

Reviewed: The One by Derek McCaw (11-03-01, 2:08 PM)
Jet Li vs. Jet Li. Does it get any better than that?

Reviewed: Domestic Disturbance by Derek McCaw (11-02-01, 5:50 PM)
Go ahead, cry wolf. Travolta will only eat the poor thing.

Reviewed: Thirteen Ghosts by Derek McCaw (10-26-01, 4:40 PM)
Beware of the Big Baby Ghost. Casper, my butt...

Reviewed: From Hell by Derek McCaw (10-19-01, 11:30 AM)
What is it with Johnny Depp and supernatural killers?

Reviewed: Mulholland Drive by Derek McCaw (10-15-01,7:55 AM)
When life hands you lemons, make chocolate milk with a hint of tabasco...

Reviewed: Bandits by Derek McCaw (10-11-01, 2:18 PM)
Angelina Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton. Ponder that.

Reviewed: Joy Ride by Jordan Rosa (10-05-01, 8:30 AM)
A thriller as taut and lean as Leelee Sobieski's thighs...

Reviewed: Don't Say a Word by Derek McCaw (9-25-01, 12:08 PM)
Michael Douglas helps a girl young enough to be his wife.

Reviewed: Zoolander by Jordan Rosa (9-27-01, 3:08 PM)
Lying in bed, just like Owen Wilson should have…

Reviewed: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back by Derek McCaw (8-22-01, 10:53 AM)
It can't be hard to act surprised and pleased when Eliza Dushku threatens to have sex with you.

Reviewed: Rat Race by Derek McCaw (8-16-01, 11:49 PM)
Would you be in a movie with Whoopi Goldberg for two million dollars?

Reviewed: Elvira's Haunted Hills by Derek McCaw (7-31-01, 4:32 PM)
There are two reasons to see an Elvira movie, but after all these years, your interest may start to sag.

Reviewed: Planet of the Apes by Derek McCaw (7-26-01, 1:21 PM)
If you put a hundred monkeys at a hundred word processors for a hundred years, would one of them write a screenplay for a Tim Burton film?

Reviewed: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within by Derek McCaw
(Updated 7-10-01, 6:12 PM PST)
No matter what Maxim says, she isn't real. Stop thinking about it. Stop it. But man, look at those polygons…

Reviewed: Kiss of the Dragon by Derek McCaw
(Updated 7-6-01, 5:43 PM PST)
Jet Li can kill a man with just his thumb, but chopsticks are more civilized.

Reviewed: The Fast and the Furious by Jordan Rosa
(Updated 6-26-01, 5:43 PM PST)
Jane Fonda don't got a motor in the back of her Honda.

Reviewed: A.I. by Derek McCaw (Updated 6-25-01, 5:18 PM PST)
Talkin' to the fuzzy bear. If ya know what I mean. Hey, it works twice.

Reviewed: Dr. Dolittle 2 by Derek McCaw (Updated 6-25-01, 5:18 PM PST)
Talkin' to the fuzzy bear. If ya know what I mean.

Reviewed: Atlantis by Jordan Rosa (Updated 6-21-01, 5:39 PM PST)
Thank Rao someone still uses pen and ink.

Reviewed: Evolution by Derek McCaw (Updated 6-15-01, 5:15 PM PST)
Well, we all want to save the world...

Reviewed: Swordfish by Derek McCaw (Updated 6-12-01, 8:36 PM PST)
Halle has been berry, berry good to me...

Reviewed: Say It Isn't So by Derek McCaw (originally published 3-22-01)
Just say it doesn't suck. Except you can't.

Reviewed: See Spot Run by Derek McCaw (originally published 3-1-01)

See David Arquette spasm. See audiences sleep.

Reviewed: Bedazzled by Derek McCaw (originally published 11-5-00)

Elizabeth Hurley stars as The Devil. The line to sell your soul starts here...
Reviewed: Get Carter by Derek McCaw (originally published 10-6-00)
Sylvester Stallone bulges, bruises, and wears a goatee. For those paying attention, he considers this acting…

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