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Ryan Reynolds Revealed As Green Lantern
Is This The Photo That Broke The Internet In Half (Today)?

Finely sculpted... as is Reynolds.
Leaked today and then spilling all over the internet, next week's Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Preview gives us our first official look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.

So everyone's been excited every time we've gotten a glimpse of what we thought would be the official logo. Everyone half-squinted and cocked their head when told that Reynolds would be wearing a motion capture suit, and that the GL Corps Uniform would be CG.

And now... everyone seems to think Sinestro had a hand in all this.

If you click on the picture at right, you'll see a lot more detail. While the symbol may be right, somehow the suit being painted on just doesn't look right. Oh, right, because it's painted on. I'm going to assume that the grooves in the suit, when in motion, will be pulsing with light shooting all through him. Maybe that will look cool in the movie.

But the mask looks like it's just photoshopped on him. Still seeing pupils (slightly) through the white eyes of the mask might make him creepier than anyone would want for a character that kids are going to be screaming for toys of later. Actually, after staring at it for a moment, the mask is more in the shape of the mask of Power Ring, the evil Green Lantern of Earth-3's Crime Syndicate.

The bearer of the ring... hey, at least THAT looks right.
If the production team had to update the look, others have already made efforts to redesign the costume in a way that paid homage to the original design while still looking functional. Check out either Green Lantern: First Flight or even DC Universe vs. Mortal Kombat, for an excellent take on the suit that looks a lot more practical than the original sleek spandex.

Other franchises have messed with the costumes, and the good movies have allowed those changes to grow on us. So it's all still relying on the content, people, even though the fashion may not please us.

But check out the other pics from Green Lantern that will also be in Entertainment Weekly. Though we've got a slightly blurred look at Peter Saarsgaard as Hector Hammond, it's nice to see Tim Robbins as his father and Angela Basset nominally in character as Amanda Waller. (I still think it should be Pam Grier.)

Reynolds still gives off the right kind of swagger for Hal Jordan, and Blake Lively doesn't look too bad as Carol Ferris, though a much bigger age difference than the characters should have.

Eh. That's Hollywood. It could have been worse, and you know it.

Nice cheesecake. You, too, Blake.
"This is what happens when you mention Susan in my presence..."



Derek McCaw

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