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The Fanboy Planet Star Wars Collection
your one-stop page for all the Star Wars related stuff we've published...

Ackbar's Eleven by Kevin Rubio (06-10-15)
Planned by the most suave mon calamari in the galaxy, IT'S A HEIST!

Star Wars Celebration: That Galaxy Far, Far Away Part 2 by Drew Campbell (04-30-15)
Rancors, Troopers, and yes, of course, a Slave Leia...

Star Wars Celebration 2015: That Galaxy Far, Far Away... by Drew Campbell (04-29-15)
Some of the sights to be had as Anaheim gives in to the Star Wars side...

Star Wars Celebration 2015: RU R2, Too? by Drew Campbell (04-28-15)
Sideshow.com sponsored an exhibit of R2 mash-ups that are quite cool...

Inside Star Wars Celebration 2015 by Drew Campbell (04-28-15)
One of our own journeyed to Anaheim in a galaxy far, far away...

Loopin' Chewie Is On Its Way To A Galaxy Near You by Ric Bretschneider (02-09-15)
Sorry, kids... you may have to fight your way through a throng of overaged fanboys...

Patton Oswalt Laid Out Marvel/Star Wars Crossover Last Year by Derek McCaw (02-06-15)
Just a reminder of the comedian's brilliant filibuster last year on Parks and Recreation...

Star Wars Episode VII: Star Wars Spoilers by Drew Campbell and Jason Salazar (05-06-14)
We promise none of these are right, but you'll wish some of them were...

The New Hopes Of Star Wars by Derek McCaw (04-29-14)
Casting confirmed, casting surprises, a lack of Lando and only one new female character?

The Star Wars Universe Expands Again by Derek McCaw (04-26-14)
Not so much Big Bang as Big Bucks...

The Star Wars Expanded Universe Contracts by Derek McCaw (04-25-14)
Some of the best characters in the galaxy far, far away no longer exist...

We Have A Villain For Star Wars VII... by Derek McCaw (02-26-14)
At least, Variety says we do. Looks like Adam Driver will cause trouble for... who?

Foodtube.net Covers 7 Stars Bar & Grill (02-24-14)
Our favorite Star Wars bar gets a little love from the media... check it out and join us!

A Long Time Ago In A Century 22 Far, Far Away... by Derek McCaw (10-12-13)
Waxing nostalgic about waiting for that very first Star Wars, back before it was A New Hope...

Video: Lando Calrissian Does Karaoke (07-15-13)
Well, well, well... what have we here?

Who Wants To Play in the Star Wars Episode VII Pool? by Derek McCaw (11-07-12)
Wouldn't you?

Disney To Lucas: Join Me and We Shall Rule the Galaxy by Derek McCaw (10-30-12)
But what does it mean for the fans? UPDATE from Dark Horse included!

Reviewed: Robot Chicken Star Wars by Derek McCaw (06-15-07)
Comedy for those of us who still know where our AT-AT is at...

Star Wars Celebration IV: All Slave Girl Leias, All The Time by Mish'al Samman (06-01-07)
Because all you lurkers demanded it, the #1 sci fi fetish indulged to its apex...

Star Wars Celebration IV -- Gallery 3 by Mish'al Samman (05-31-07)
All the Mandalorian armor you could ask for, and more...

Star Wars Celebration IV -- Gallery 2 by Mish'al Samman (05-31-07)
These aren't the droids you're looking for, but you should still look at them...

Star Wars Celebration IV -- Photos From The Floor by Mish'al Samman (05-25-07)
Really, Meesh? Not ONE Slave Girl Leia?

George Lucas In Japan by Mish'al Samman (08-02-05)
Meesh would have gotten closer, but the Force was too strong...

Episode III Premieres in Japan by Mish'al Samman (06-23-05)
They still have to wait until July 9 to see it again...but hey, it was SOME PARTY!

The Sith In Guam by Mish'al Samman (05-23-05)
Which is scarier -- Dark Lords or Mish'al mixing it up at the Guam premiere?

Review: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Derek McCaw (05-18-05)
What?!? Anakin becomes Darth Vader?!?!

Comic-Con EXTRA NEWS FLASH! by Derek McCaw (07-24-04)
Episode III's title has been confirmed as Revenge of the Sith! More news as it develops...

An Interview With Howard Chaykin, Part Two by Derek McCaw (05-26-04)
How Star Wars paved the way for Ronald Reagan's election and other stories...

Capturing The Lightning: An Interview With Mark Hamill by Derek McCaw (01-27-04)
The actor turns director with a love letter to fans...

An Interview With Mark Hamill, Part 2 by Derek McCaw (01-27-04)
One of us! One of us! One of us!

A Long Time Ago On A Late Night Far, Far Away, Part 4 by Michael Goodson (01-14-04)
The thinnest of excuses to run the pic of the ComicCon fan dressed as Amidala...

A Long Time Ago On A Late Night Far, Far Away, Part 3 by Michael Goodson (01-07-04)
It's Mark Hamill day at Fanboy Planet! Plus more Goodson jokes to tick you off...

A Long Time Ago On A Late Night Far, Far Away, Part 2 by Michael Goodson (12-29-03)
Because this is how we amuse ourselves...

A Long Time Ago On A Late Night Far, Far Away... by Michael Goodson (12-22-03)
Why fanboys, boring day jobs, and e-mail just don't mix...

The Fate Of The Fetts by Derek McCaw (05-23-02)
...and yet Jar Jar remains strangely unkillable...

Reviewed: Attack of the Clones by Derek McCaw (05-14-02)
Yeah, yeah, you'll all hate me for it, but I still liked Spider-Man better...

Yoda Revealed by John Lascurettes (11-16-01, 4:45 PM)
John Lascurettes notices something very disturbing about the new Episode II Trailer...

Script Doctor: Star Wars Episode 1 by Jack Reda (10-29-01, 2:00 PM)
Meesa gonna be out on limb and saysa it not as bad as meesa thought...

Interview with Shannon Baksa by Derek McCaw (8-3-01, 12:21 PM)
Model, make-up artist, mother and Jedi Knight. We missed that one at Career Day.

Interview with Michonne Bourriague by Derek McCaw (7-22-01, 10:35 PM)
She plays Aurra Sing in Episode 1 and she's the star of my dreams.


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