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Survival of the Dead

Reviewer Dave Reda is an independent film maker from the San Francisco Bay Area with such films as the independent horror film BIT PARTS and most recently HORROR OF LOVE: A SHORT FILM playing soon at a film festival near you.

Being an independent horror film maker myself, naturally I was very excited to see the latest George Romero zombie film Survival of the Dead and stayed for the Q&A after with the man himself.

I really wanted this film to be great because like so many other horror fans I grew up on Romero's zombie films, and the last two, Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead, were a bit of a letdown for me, feeling more like imitation Romero films rather than the real thing. I am so happy to say I was not let down this time. This film was the Romero zombie film the fans and I have been waiting for.

It's a continuation from Diary, but not shot a la Cloverfield, thankfully, which I thought was a clever way to continue the story. We follow the story of Crockett (Alan Van Sprang), the lead soldier that stopped the RV and everybody in Diary. Like in that film, Crockett and his crew are just looking for somewhere safe from the zombie hordes attacking the town.

They get word of an island that is a safe haven by way of shady Patrick O'Flynn (Kenneth Welsh). Things do not go as planned and when they get to the island they find themselves in the middle of a feud, Hatfield and McCoy style.

I really do not want to say too much more about it or ruin anything for you other than to say what makes Romero's films better than most, Romero's message comes clean and true that the zombies aren't really the problem. It is the living people scrambling and crawling causing the real problems.

The acting was superb. Another thing that sets Romero's zombies films apart is that he really makes you care about every single character. It was a great roller coaster ride filled with scares, laughs, and a few Wile E. Coyote style deaths. Who could ask for anything more?

The only slight problem I had with the film was just a few little over the top CGI zombie deaths but it was not bad.

Lastly, it was such an honor for me to sit and listen to George Romero in such a comfortable and relaxed way, discuss his films, the possibility of doing a video game and what he is trying to say with his zombie films. I've always tried to have a message in my films and not beat you over the head with it, a strong story and characters. It all seems so important to me; it was really great to see a film maker I admire say that what I am fighting to do independently is worth it.

For more information on Dave Reda or his films please check out www.elftwinfilms.com.


Dave Reda

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