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More Green Lantern Pics...

Hey, ladies...
Two more pics from Entertainment Weekly have shown up on the web, as part of the once a year time when I wish I still subscribed to Entertainment Weekly.

First, a full shot of pre-mutated Hector Hammond, as played by Peter Sarsgaard. For those not familiar with the lore, and I'm sure at least three of you stumbled in, Hammond develops mental abilities far beyond those of mortal men, with the price of starting to look a lot more like the Great and Powerful Oz.

Originally a cookie-cutter kind of villain in personality, Hammond got a major (and very effective) upgrade in personality when writer (and current DC Comics Chief Creative Officer) Geoff Johns took over Green Lantern.

Now Hammond was creepy far before his cranium expanded. Now he gave Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) the shivers before he ever became a super-villain.

In short -- he became THAT photo to the right. Good god, Mr. Sarsgaard, I'm pretty sure you're actually a really nice guy but you play skeevy better than any man alive. If any of you have mustaches, shave them off right now. We'll wait.

Click on the image for a larger version -- our first shot of Abin Sur!
The other photographic revelation is that Hammond has possession of Abin Sur's (Temuera Morrison) corpse. Perhaps radiation from Sur's trip through space is what changes Hammond. Either way, it's a little Hollywood twist that accomplishes two things: again ensures that Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) has to take on Hammond in order to retrieve the body for a proper Green Lantern Corps funeral and, if they're sticking to a take on Johns' work, ensures that incipient villain Sinestro (Mark Strong) is absolutely pissed. Yet also in typical Hollywood fashion, this almost makes it too neat.

Again, the history is that red-skinned alien Abin Sur dies on a mission, but not before passing his Green Lantern ring on to test pilot Hal Jordan. In recent revisions, Johns revealed that Sur and Sinestro were also best friends, and that much of what Sinestro has been doing that others would consider to be evil has been to spur the Corps to become stronger and better able to face the menaces prophesied eons ago.

Still no look at Strong as Sinestro, which remains as the thing making fans hold their breath. If Strong looks right, much about the weirdness of Reynolds' look may be forgiven. May be.



Derek McCaw

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