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The Episode III Tokyo Premiere...
You know, for the kids...

We cannot say how Asia correspondent Mish'al Samman got into the Tokyo premiere of Episode III, but know that he committed a questionable act that will cause us to distance ourself from him at future events. Oh, sure, we'll still take his articles...

What more could fans want? Over the last several months Japan has
gone wild with the marketing of the final installment of the Star Wars saga. Japanese companies joined in as they advertised their products and a chance to win tickets to see the movie June 18th at the charity premiere, several weeks before its official release date of July 9th.

Over 15,000 showed up to the event that consisted of 3 separate screenings from morning to evening in Japan's and possibly the world's largest digital projection house that seats 5000, has complete digital sound, and an all around superior experience for fans of this most intense digitally shot movie.

The event was held at the Tokyo International Forum, where a Star Wars shop was set up so that fans waiting to get in could buy a range of products, some only available in Japan. My personal favorite was the Rain Saver umbrella to keep me company during the current rainy season.

In the lobby, the 130+ performers and more volunteers from both the Japanese Rebel Legion and the 501st Japanese garrison greeted the guests. Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers, Snow Troopers, Jedi, blue dancers, green dancers, slave girls, a giant towering Wampa and of course Darth Vaders were there to greet and feed into the fan's frenzy and delight.

The atmosphere certainly was joyous and upbeat during the wait. The red carpet was laid out for the final showing that night, and celebrities called out to tap their favorite character's shoulder and pose for pictures, then head up for the movie.

Several troopers patrolled the gigantic two-story theater, walking up and down the stairs menacingly. Several minutes before the presentation the trumpets of the main theme blared and all the troopers and characters flooded into the auditorium. After a brief introduction, producer Rick McCallum appeared to speak a little about the film and told viewers at the first showing that he had to call George five minutes after the movie to tell him how it went.

You can imagine the response.

Each of the three presentations had practically the same reaction, with fans going wild as the Star Wars logo faded into the background of stars and the chapter heading appeared. Overall, this charity premiere was a big success. It is usually odd for the Japanese culture to make any noise during a screening, but hey! It's Star Wars!

Proceeds went to orphan charities and foster care facilities in Japan, Alderaan and Tatooine.

Mish'al Samman

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