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Star Wars Today's Date:

Star Wars Celebration:
That Galaxy Far, Far Away (In Anaheim)

Drew Campbell went to Anaheim and came back with lots of pictures of the Star Wars Celebration. He shared his experiences in a post and a podcast, but has also allowed us access to the pictures he took.

So without further ado... the first of two galleries...

Keeping everybody in line in line...

When did Biggs join the Bluth clan?

Big Jedi 6!

It occurs to me... I drive a Hyundai... I could do this...

I would like to drink there but not cause any trouble...

Where everybody knows your name, and inexplicably understands your language...

Drew, where does he fit in canon?

Furbacca. The kids love him.

If you've got it, WORK IT!

The dictionary definition of "mixed emotions"...

Wait... they had benches out front? WonderCon didn't get benches out front!

Cute, cuddly, and deadly when provoked.

Cute, cuddly, and deadly when provoked.

Sorry, guys... you're just legends now...


Drew Campbell



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