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From Out Of The Shadowline...The Revenant!
Image releases new book in March...

  Take a look at that image of an Image book at right. Capturing the flavor of pulps mixed in with the early days of superheroes, The Revenant looks like something I'd have picked up anyway.

But it comes from the minds of Keith Giffen and Shannen Eric Denton, whose work in recent years on concepts such as Brother Bedlam have done an interesting job of bending genres while steeling them with violence just a smidge over the top. Yet the books always had strong story spines to hold them up. So that makes this one doubly worth reading.

However, writing the book for Giffen and Denton: Rob Worley. Rob survived the Marvel Epic debacle, creating the concepts behind Young Ancient One, which actually made their way into mainstream Marvel lore. He's popped up here and there over the past couple of years, most recently with a Young Adult adventure novel called Heir to Fire through the Actionopolis imprint, which you should be able to find at finer bookstores everywhere.

Rob also founded Comics2Film, a popular website that both inspired and aided Fanboy Planet in its early days, so we've always known he was a heck of a guy. He provided us with five pages of full story and art to whet our appetites.

So take a look here (click on the images for larger readable versions), and consider running down this title in your January Previews catalog...JAN08 2052.


Derek McCaw

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