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Comic-Con 2008:
The Berman Photos

Every year screenwriter, entrepeneur and now interview show host Jeffrey Berman kindly shares with Fanboy Planet some of the sights of Comic-Con as found through the lens of his camera. I'm not going to compare him with anyone but me -- and his photos make mine look as if I were a monkey with a crayon.

That's okay; my brother has all the photographic talent in the family, but I can't get him to come with me to Comic-Con.

Once again, we're honored to present Jeff Berman's Comic-Con photographs...

Why do I get the feeling that the guys with symbols on their foreheads don't know what they mean, either?

What are the odds that these two men exist, let alone hang out together?

They bring that Jabba every year, because every year somebody sacrifices a maiden to it...

Remember...don't cross the streams.

I think we have a possible reunion show...call Steven Moffat!

John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd, because we pander to both men and women...sometimes with the same picture.

A rare picture of Stan Lee in repose...seriously, this may be my favorite picture of The Man ever,
because he doesn't seem to know the camera is around...

Because all that armor makes him too tired to walk...

Derek McCaw


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