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The Illusive Mr. Watson Reviews
Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Tim Watson works at Illusive Comics and Games, the store from which we do our (mostly) weekly podcast. He's in the trenches, organizing comics, selling comics and cleaning up after comics fans. Recently he agreed to do a pick of the week for us. So please welcome Tim Watson...

Hello everybody, Tim here again with your update of my favorite comic for this week. Well here it is my pick for this week is, Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Annihilation War brought by the phalanx conquest has just ended, and the Starlord Peter Quill decides that since the current (and only) Nova Richard Ryder is not rushing to rebuild the Nova Corps, the galaxy needs a force to protect it because they wouldn’t be able to survive another epic war of annihilation proportions.

So Nova gives him the okay to make the team, along with mentioning the names of possible members to call upon for this team. After a lot of persuasion and help from Richard himself the team is formed, consisting of Starlord, Quasar, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora , Rocket, who's a raccoon with a pension for large guns and explosives, and the new and improved Adam Warlock.

Their very first mission of saving the galaxy is stopping the Universal Church of Truth. The best line in this issue actually comes from Drax, when they come to a fissure while trying to get to the helm to stop the Church ship: “I suppose I could stab it. Would stabbing it help?” I can’t help but laugh every time I read the line.

Oh and it leaves on a great cliff hanger. That last panel is so amazing it alone earns the price of admission. So you're probably curious why this title when there were so many other titles out this week. Well, it was quite easy. The Annihilation stories have been the best events from Marvel lately, and a book that continues from that story, well count me in.

I was not displeased, so if you are like me and enjoyed the Annihilation Saga, go pick this title up and give it a chance.

Tim Watson


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