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The Illusive Mr. Watson Reviews
Hercules: The Thracian Wars #1

Tim Watson works at Illusive Comics and Games, the store from which we do our (mostly) weekly podcast. He's in the trenches, organizing comics, selling comics and cleaning up after comics fans. Recently he agreed to do a pick of the week for us. So please welcome Tim Watson...

Hello, guys! The lovely and talented Tim here proudly presents to you my first ever comic choice of the week. For this week my choice was fairly slim due to the lack of titles released, but despite that my choice is Hercules, one of the flagship titles launched for the new Radical Comics publishing company.

To start their new titles, Radical decided to only have a cost of a dollar for the first book with the choice of two different covers. Out of the two covers available, I chose the Jim Steranko cover which has Hercules standing in the background holding his helm. The book is written by Steve Moore and art by Admira Wijaya. To be honest with you, before this book I have never read a title from either of these people.

Now onto the book itself. It starts out with crows feasting on their choice of a buffet from those killed in a slaughter with a narrator describing events of why crows are how they are. Then we go onto travelers heading to the town of Thebes from Greece. It is quickly discerned that they are the messenger party of Hercules himself, describing the fact that Thebes is a slum, along with the visualization of how crappy the area really is.

They quickly come up to the capitol which besides having a wooden wall surrounding it the building is just as run down as the rest of the city. After entering the royal court our two messengers, Iolaus and Meneus, begin talking with the king. The king and his court quickly begin to talk down upon the demi-god as he is not present to defend himself.

After losing his cool Meneus nearly draws his sword but is quickly stopped by Iolaus just as the rest of Hercules' party arrives. Introductions are quickly made and quickly the locals begin making fun of Hercules and his party again, and a challenge is made to Hercules to shoot an arrow into a target. Instead, he quickly assassinates a guard and all hell breaks loose.

So the reason I chose this title for this week was quite biased; I simply love Greek mythology. When I saw a new Hercules title I decided I must have it. After reading the first few pages I was hooked by Admira Wijaya’s art style. The story flowed quite nicely and I can’t wait for the next part to see how it is resolved.

This is a must read for any Conan the Barbarian fan or anyone who likes blood and violence. Go check it out. It's worth it. Trust me.

Tim Watson


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