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Special Star Wars Page

Movie Review: Les Miserables by Derek McCaw (12-24-12)
Wolverine, Catwoman and Jor-El sing in a French epic... no, you're not dreaming...

Movie Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Ric Bretschneider (12-13-12)
An unexpected addition of material perhaps, but not unwelcome...

Video: The First Full Trailer For Pacific Rim (12-12-12)
Giant monsters. Enormous robot battle suits. Please pop the corn NOW.

The Wolverine Poster (12-12-12)
A poster so beautiful, it's better than the entire previous movie...

The Croods Vs. Star Trek Into Darkness by J. Dobbs Rosa (12-11-12)
Is Benedict Cumberbatch merely an animated caveman?

Video: The New Man of Steel Trailer (12-11-12)
There will be no kneeling before Zod, but there might be some runway modeling...

Everybody Loves TRON ...Within Reason by Derek McCaw (12-11-12)
It should make a great movie, a great game, a great ride, a great TV show...but it hasn't.

The New Harry Osborn by Derek McCaw (12-03-12)
Now I really have to watch Chronicle...

Man of Steel In Irons by Derek McCaw (12-03-12)
Warner releases new Man of Steel poster to coincide with Dark Knight Rises release...

Star Trek Into Darkness Rises by Derek McCaw (12-03-12)
Paramount releases the first official poster for the next Star Trek... it's very Cumberbatch.

Joss Whedon's William Shakespeare by Derek McCaw (11-29-12)
Yes, cast members from Angel will be talking like Thor...

Casting Reboots by Derek McCaw (11-27-12)
Would it make sense for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be Batman? But what's that in X-Men?

Who Wants To Play in the Star Wars Episode VII Pool? by Derek McCaw (11-21-12)
Wouldn't you? UPDATED 11/21/2012 New writers assigned to Episodes VIII and IX...

Movie Review: Life of Pi by Derek McCaw (11-21-12)
So this tiger and this kid are trapped on a boat together...

Big Hero 6: Saving Japan and Disney Animation by Derek McCaw (11-08-12)
Disney has plans to make this super team into a super animated movie...

Who Wants To Play in the Star Wars Episode VII Pool? by Derek McCaw (11-08-12)
Wouldn't you? UPDATED TWICE 11/8/2012 - New word on the writer!

Movie Review: Skyfall by Ric Bretschneider (11-08-12)
Making the familiar fresh and new, like your next martini...

Elfquest Movie Goes Indie; Sorry, Warner Brothers... by Derek McCaw (11-06-12)
Wendy and Richard Pini choose two fans to make the movie right...

Jokes of the Week with Sam Bowers (Guest-Starring Derek McCaw) (11-05-12)
Comedic commentary on the Disney/Lucas merging...and more!

Movie Review: Flight by David J. Fowlie (11-02-12)
It's a drama, not an action film, but it still has its moments of white-knuckles...

Movie Review: Wreck-it Ralph by Ted Kopulos (11-01-12)
Because video games are people, too...

For Halloween: "Missing in the Mansion" (10-30-12)
A fun "found footage" horror film set at Disneyland... pleasant screams...

Disney To Lucas: Join Me and We Shall Rule the Galaxy by Derek McCaw (10-30-12)
But what does it mean for the fans? UPDATE from Dark Horse included!

Movie Review: Cloud Atlas by Ric Bretschneider (10-25-12)
An epic of epic epicness...

Stan Lee Vs. Disney? We Say It Ain't So! by Derek McCaw (10-15-12)
Does Disney owe Stan the Man? Perhaps, but that's not who's suing in his name...

Movie Review: Argo by Derek McCaw (10-12-12)
How the CIA stopped worrying and learned to love Star Wars...

ARGO: How Jack Kirby Saved Six Diplomats by Derek McCaw (10-10-12)
Okay, so the CIA and the Canadian government had a little to do with it...

Movie Complaint: Looping Looper by J. Dobbs Rosa (10-05-12)
What's wrong with the movie (and the stars) that everybody seems to love? (SPOILERS!)

Movie Review: Frankenweenie by Derek McCaw (10-05-12)
Some boys will do anything for their dog...

Movie Review: Dredd 3-D by Rich Pizor (09-20-12)
He is the law. And finally, he's in a good movie!

Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy by David J. Fowlie (08-13-12)
There was never just one... in fact, we're at four and counting!

Movie Review: The Campaign by Derek McCaw (08-10-12)
If this is even 10% accurate, we get the government we deserve...

VIDEO: Batman Maybe (08-10-12)
Bane may have trouble breathing and talking, but man, can he DRUM...

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises by Ric Bretschneider (07-19-12)
He returns, but not with a Frank Miller edge...

Comic-Con 2012: Marvel Movies! by Derek McCaw (07-15-12)
Sequels to Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, plus much, much more...

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man by Derek McCaw (07-03-12)
A darker more emotionally real Spider-Man, until the CG...

Review: Men In Black 3 by Derek McCaw (05-25-12)
Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones are back.. good thing they brought Mr. Brolin...

Review: Dark Shadows by Derek McCaw (05-11-12)
Blood and secrets and the seventies... what could go wrong?

Marvel Studios: Building a Cinematic Comic Book Universe by Mario Anima (05-09-12)
Sure, we know why the Marvel Universe worked on film; where do they go from here?

Review: The Avengers by Derek McCaw (05-04-12)
Tried to go as spoiler-free as possible so you could let it just wash over you...

The Avengers Movie? You're Welcome by Lon Lopez (05-01-12)
How Lon Lopez changed the face of cinema forever...

First Trailer for Sparks (04-30-12)
Catastrophic Comics' debut graphic novel makes the leap to the screen!

The Final Frontier Is Imagination by Brett Pharis (04-30-12)
A podcast listener contributes a great sci-fi vs. reality infographic...

The Dark Knight Strikes UCLA! by Steph Rodriguez (04-30-12)
Justice stalks the library?

Review: Mirror Mirror by Derek McCaw (03-30-12)
Family friendly and visually sumptuous, but maybe not the fairest one of all...

Review: Haywire by Lon Lopez (01-19-12)
A woman kicks butt through plotholes and tired premises for something entertaining...

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