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First Trailer For Sparks

A few years ago writer/director Chris Folino had a dream... a graphic novel called Sparks, about a would-be superhero (Chase Williamson from John Dies at the End) who gets in way over his head with too little power.

The dark conspiracy that draws him in deeper and deeper is full of colorful heroes and villains, yet all done in shades of grey. It wasn't a simple world for Ian Sparks, and now Folino has taken his vision to film. I spent a day on the set -- the trailer has a shot that if you look hard you will not notice that I'm standing off-camera -- and was amazed to see the panels from a book that I edited come to life.

Of course it's faithful to the comic (which will be getting a complete collection release sometime in the Fall) -- it's the vision of its original creator. So here's the trailer for Sparks. I'm excited for the premiere.

Derek McCaw

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