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Special Star Wars Page

Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Derek McCaw (12-21-11)
Great actors wading through unpleasant but well done material...

Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows by Derek McCaw (12-19-11)
Everything you thought wanted, but sometimes less is more...

Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol by Lon Lopez (12-16-11)
Tom Cruise does what Tom Cruise does best...

Review: The Sitter by Derek McCaw (12-09-11)
It depends on how funny you find child endangerment...

Review: Young Adult by Kevin Hull (12-09-11)
Not exactly the feel-good comedy of the season, but definitely worth your time...

Review: Drive by David J. Fowlie (09-16-11)
'Tis the season of good movies with one word titles...

Review: Warrior by David J. Fowlie (09-09-11)
Brother versus Brother. THIS is the tale old as time...

From Horror With Love: Filmmaker Dave Reda by Derek McCaw (09-09-11)
Running the film festival circuit with a talented horror director...

Review: Contagion by David J. Fowlie (09-09-11)
No matter the star power, no one is safe...

Review: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark by David J. Fowlie (08-28-11)
Wasn't this supposed to have started out as a scary movie for children?

Review: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil by Derek McCaw (08-28-11)
Some days you just can't convince people you're not a psycho killer...

Review: Fright Night by Derek McCaw (08-19-11)
It's an expensive roller coaster ride, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...

Review: Conan the Barbarian by Derek McCaw (08-19-11)
He lives. He loves. He slays. He sells popcorn. He is content.

Comic-Con 2011: Mad Filmmakers: Beyond Bellflower by Derek McCaw (08-16-11)
The cast and crew of Bellflower talk about getting rid of your personal apocalypse...

Review: 30 Minutes Or Less by Derek McCaw (08-11-11)
It has the makings of a great suspense film, so why is it trying to be funny?

Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes by Derek McCaw (08-05-11)
Andy Serkis makes an ape seem absolutely human...

Man of Steel Pre-Production Memo by J. Dobbs Rosa (08-04-11)
J. Dobbs has a look at an internal WB memo that's too good to be true... no, really...

Review: Attack The Block by Derek McCaw (07-29-11)
When the aliens invade, how well will YOU protect your neighborhood?

The Guild Season 5, Episode 1: "Road Trip" (07-28-11)
Felicia Day called me a gentleman at Comic-Con; I shall prove it by embedding this episode.

Review: Cowboys & Aliens by Ted Kopulos (07-29-11)
What's it about? The title says it all, and delivers even more...

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger by Derek McCaw (07-22-11)
Quite simply, one of the best comic book movies ever made.

Fanboy Planet Podcast EXTRA Captain America Review with Comics Bulletin(07-22-11)
At Comic-Con, the guys are "among the first to see The First..."

Thoughts On The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer by David J. Fowlie (07-21-11)
A breakdown on what we saw this morning...

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 by Derek McCaw (07-15-11)
Really? Is there anything we could say that would affect your viewing pleasure at this point?

Video: Alien Beach Crashers by Sean Becker (07-14-11)
If only American International had thought of it -- aliens AND surfing contests!

The Dark Knight Rises First Poster! (07-12-11)
Let's go to sleep knowing he's guarding our city in 2012...

Screenplay Review: Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained by Mario Anima (07-09-11)
Asking some hard questions about a script asking some hard questions...

Review: Horrible Bosses by Derek McCaw (07-08-11)
Take this job and... let me please continue doing it, sir...

Criswell Predicts... A New Plan 9 (06-29-11)
Let us look into the future, for that is where we will be spending the rest of our lives...

Review: Transformers Dark of the Moon by Derek McCaw (06-29-11)
Let us all pretend that neither the second movie nor Megan Fox ever happened...

Captain America at Dunkin' Donuts (06-28-11)
Only appropriate that they're sneaking Super-Soldier formula into a frozen beverage...

Review: Bad Teacher by Derek McCaw (06-27-11)
Maybe if you rolled up a newspaper and slapped Cameron Diaz on the nose with it...

Review: Cars 2 by Derek McCaw (06-24-11)
Life is a highway... I want to ride it all... the way to Toys R Us...

Review: Green Lantern by Lon Lopez (06-17-11)
In brightest day, in blackest night, no plot complication shall escape my sight....

Review: The Hangover Part II by Lon Lopez (05-26-11)
More of the same, but this time with that extra touch of monkey...

Review: Thor by Derek McCaw (05-06-11)
Whosoever is worthy shall wield the power of this review...

Review: Arthur by David J. Fowlie (04-08-11)
An unnecessary remake that at least beats the unnecessary sequel from 1988...

Wondercon 2011: Joe Wright and Saoirse Ronan Bring Hanna by David Tapia (04-08-11)
Reuniting after Atonement, this is what a girls' coming of age story should be...?

Review: Your Highness by Lon Lopez (04-08-11)
Can following the rules of two genres mix together for greatness?

Review: Super by Derek McCaw (04-01-11)
Who hasn't wanted to tell crime to shut up?

Review: Sucker Punch by Derek McCaw (03-25-11)
If Maxim magazine had produced Inception as a video game...

Review: Limitless by Paul Balsom (03-18-11)
Bradley Cooper decides he can do anything and it backfires... surprised, anyone?

Review: Paul by Derek McCaw (03-18-11)
A little uneven, but a welcome love letter to fandom and movies in general...

VIDEO: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Remake Star Wars (03-15-11)
These boys know us. They really know us.

Review: Mars Needs Moms by Derek McCaw (03-11-11)
A dark but fun and moving family film about why you should just eat your broccoli...

Review: Battle: Los Angeles by Lon Lopez (03-11-11)
Fun at times, what it really needs is the game controller...

Review: Red Riding Hood by Derek McCaw (03-11-11)
My, what big eyes you have, Ms. Seyfried...

Review: Take Me Home Tonight by Derek McCaw (03-05-11)
Topher Grace is just like Odysseus, only with Duran Duran in the background...

Review: The Adjustment Bureau by Derek McCaw (03-04-11)
Everybody talks about having free will but nobody ever does anything about it...

Zack Snyder's Superman Has Found His Mother by Derek McCaw (03-02-11)
Diane Lane to take on the role of Martha Kent in upcoming superfilm...

VIDEO: Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing by Derek McCaw (02-27-11)
We need more room in our lives for such things...

Review: Hall Pass by Derek McCaw (02-25-11)
Remember how much you liked Dumb & Dumber? Rent that.

VIDEO: The New Thor Trailer (02-17-11)
Will he just turn out to be crazy?

VIDEO: Super Harmony by Sean Becker and Team Unicorn (02-17-11)
Love will always find a way...

VIDEO: Superman Classic by Derek McCaw (02-10-11)
A cool animated throwback... sort of like your favorite soda with real sugar again...

VIDEO: First Trailer For X-Men: First Class by Derek McCaw (02-10-11)
Before X-Men: The Last Stand, this franchise had potential. And now it may again...

Review: Black Swan by Lyz Reblin (1-14-11)
Finally... the right Fangirl review!

First Shot Of Andrew Garfield In The Spidey-Suit! (1-14-11)
Good director, right actors, and now this.

Review: The Green Hornet by Derek McCaw (1-14-11)
I'll admit it... I've waited a long time to be able to type that title...

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