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Comic-Con Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2012:
Weekend Cosplay Part 3

Ric Bretschneider keeps an eye out for the costumes -- some good, some bad, some fantastic! Let's share a few now, and keep the mockery to a minimum. These people are brave, all of them, and having fun. Good for them, and just rest assured that I understand that spandex is a privilege, not a right.

Does it count as Cosplay if the studio paid for it? At any rate, the movie looks funny.

And yet no one at Comic-Con complains about fans of The Hunger Games...

Just before the force field hit Ric's camera...

I feel strangely pulled...

The moment Captain America became eco-friendly...

I probably shouldn't make the presumption that they're husband and wife, but... nice costumes.

This may be the unhappiest Joker I've ever seen.

I love it when they remember Lockheed. ...

We had a lot of Korras wandering around -- maybe I should watch the show.

True. We're all mad here.

Costume Gallery 1

Costume Gallery 2

Costume Gallery 3

Costume Gallery 4

Costume Gallery 5

Photos from Preview Night

Photos from Thursday

Photos from Friday



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