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Comic-Con Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2012:

Once the Con goes into full swing, most of the staff are either in panels or in press conferences, but we've managed to take some pics of what went on... so please enjoy. We will add more in the coming days,but for now... THURSDAY!

The day began with a demonstration of Necomimi -- brainwave receptors disguised as cat ears.
It's as cool as it sounds, and we'll have a larger feature on this later.

If you're exhausted by, oh, say, NOON, it's understandable.
And Fox Animation Domination is there for you with free pedicab rides -
once you're away from the Convention Center. .

Um, maybe you should walk.
But in all seriousness, check out Course of the Force -- a great event raising money for Make A Wish.

How about riding in style? Six batmobiles are on display between the Convention Center and the Bayfront Hilton.

The Batmobile from Burton's film, which he joked was criticized for being such a dark take on a superhero,
but now looks like light entertainment.

Moon Knight looks on jealously.
Cheer up, Moon Knight. You may not have six cars, but you do have at least that many personalities.

Over at the Marriott is the Nintendo Gaming Lounge.
So if you put down your controller long enough to come down to Comic-Con, guess what?
They'll let you pick it right back up again.

The Tin Fish has become the deep dark woods of Grimm..

No idea what Revolution is actually about, but it has a good pedigree, including Jon Favreau.

Sorry. I'm going to brag about this for months. RON ELY! I MET DOC SAVAGE!

At the end of the night, justice keeps a lonely but snappy vigil...photo by Carr D'Angelo



Derek McCaw



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