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Comic-Con Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2012:

Once the Con goes into full swing, most of the staff are either in panels or in press conferences, but we've managed to take some pics of what went on... so please enjoy. We will add more in the coming days,but for now... FRIDAY!

Too tired to walk to the Convention Center? Let the American Dream take you there.
photo by Ric Bretschneider

Ben Wolstenholme, demo'ing his new company Madefire, more on which later.

Ways Star Wars Could Be Better #1,547,899....
photo by Ric Bretschneider

Not the subtlest of Bond's vehicles...

If you've ever tried to take Legos apart, you know that Darth Maul is now far less likely to split in two.

You shall not pass this booth!

Lego Hulk -- we need a video game.

We at Comic-Con love our celebrities...

Now! Point One is coming! When? NOW!
photo by Ric Bretschneider

Fans of Adult Swim's Children's Hospital and NTSF:SUV:SD get involved in an impromptu costume war...
photo by Ric Bretschneider

The zombies over-run 5th Street...

...but don't tell the neighbors...

Cool vehicle from Total Recall...
photo by Ric Bretschneider

and another night of the Con ends with ...DEFIANCE!
photo by Ric Bretschneider

Derek McCaw



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