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At Last...Angel, Season 6 by Derek McCaw (10-05-07)
IDW Publishing officially announces After the Fall, overseen by Joss Whedon...

The Angel Awards by Chris Crotty (06-17-04)
A look back in honor at the show everybody but the WB liked...

Jeph Loeb Spills News, Not Blood, About Buffy Animated! by Derek McCaw (06-14-04)
We've got the scoop on the resurrection of everybody's favorite slayer...

Buffy Resurrected! by Derek McCaw (05-26-04)
The animated version of the Slayer looks like it's happening, and we've got proof...

Angel: Not Fade Away by Chris Crotty (05-20-04)
The occasion has made Crotty soft...he even liked Connor...

Angel: Power Play by Chris Crotty (05-13-04)
Burning down the house...and we're not talking about a Talking Heads reunion...

Angel: The Girl In Question by Chris Crotty (05-07-04)
In an episode about Buffy, everybody BUT Buffy appears...

Angel: Timebomb by Chris Crotty (04-29-04)
How do you solve a problem like Illyria?

Angel: Origin by Chris Crotty (04-22-04)
Connor's back! Connor's back! Someone help me contain my ennui!

Angel: Underneath by Chris Crotty (04-15-04)
"You're soaking in it..."

Angel: Shells by Chris Crotty (03-04-04)
Judging from Fred's appearance, it's a bit of the Ghost in the Shells...

Angel: A Hole In The World by Chris Crotty (02-26-04)
Something terrible has happened to Fred, and Crotty bucks for angry letters...

Angel: The Ratings Connection by Chris Crotty (02-20-04)
An ode to last week's terrible news about Angel... lift up your voices and SING!

Angel: Smile Time by Chris Crotty (02-19-04)
"Do you know how much innocence is worth in Hell?" "honk!" "That's right -- MILLIONS!"

Can Angel Rise From The Dead ...Again? by Derek McCaw (02-13-04)
Yeah, happy Friday the 13th ...the WB has pulled the plug on the vampire champion...

Angel: 1943 by Derek McCaw (02-12-04)
Crotty needs to recharge his batteries, so I have to step in and drop some depth charges...

Angel: You're Welcome by Chris Crotty (02-05-04)
An old friend stops by to celebrate the 100th episode...

Angel: Damage by Chris Crotty (01-29-04)
Andrew returns...older, wiser, but still able to take a beating...

Angel: Soul Purpose by Chris Crotty (01-22-04)
I don't know; I'd find Eve kind of hot if it weren't for all the creepy bug things...

Angel: Harm's Way by Chris Crotty (01-15-04)
"Wolfram & Hart: If you don't kill, we won't kill you..."

Angel: Destiny by Chris Crotty (11-21-03)
Welcome to VampireDome: Two vamps enter, one vamp leaves...

Angel: Lineage by Chris Crotty (11-14-03)
We finally meet Wes' daddy -- too bad it isn't under more pleasant circumstances...

Angel: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco by Chris Crotty (11-07-03)
Superpowered luchadores battling in Los Angeles...wait...this isn't a Chris Garcia article?

Angel: Life of the Party by Chris Crotty (10-30-03)
Wait a minute...don't monsters take Halloween off in the Whedonverse?

Angel: Hellbound by Chris Crotty (10-23-03)
If Spike's going to Hell in a bucket, why isn't he enjoying the ride?

Angel: Unleashed by Chris Crotty (10-16-03)
Angel takes on a werewolf, with not a single sign of Oz...

Angel: Just Rewards by Chris Crotty (10-09-03)
Don't tell anybody, but I have power over the dead, too...

Angel: Conviction by Chris Crotty (10-03-03)
Oooh! Oooh! Who could the mystery package be?

Angel: A Look Ahead At Season Five by Chris Crotty (09-25-03)
Spike joins the cast...but will that really allow for harmony? Oh, hey, Harmony's here, too...

Angel Season Four
Do you miss Connor? We don't know why you would, but you can catch up with him here...

Angel Season Three
Here's what we thought about last year...

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