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Not Fade Away
original air-date: 05-19-04

The finale is a good reflection of the season overall: There’s a lot of good stuff and a few disappointments, the whole thing feels too rushed, and the viewer is left wanting more.

The episode picks up right from last week’s hand raising session. Joining the team intending to prune the Black Thorn are a recovering Illyria and a pragmatic Lindsey. Each has a specific mission, though viewers only get to see bits and pieces.

Here one really wishes Joss Whedon could have backed off his “I don’t do two hour finales” stance. Many good scenes are cut way too short, and fans don’t even get to see Illyria carry out her mission (and very little of Spike’s). Though unintended (there are realities of budgets and schedules), it’s a cruel way to reward fans who have gone to great lengths to save the show.

Before heading off for what may be the last battle, Angel also encourages the team to take the day off to appreciate life. These scenes provide good balance and build-up to the inevitable action. Even VK as Connor manages to be more palatable than usual.

There are only two scenes in the episode that really miss the mark. One involves Angel's decision regarding the Shanshu Prophecy. His action too easily dismisses what was the earliest foundation for the show.

The second one involves the final scene between Wes and Illyria. It seems inconsistent with Wes’ character development for him to choose “the illusion” even at that critical moment. Far better is the earlier scene between the two during the day off.

The climactic mission scenes are enjoyable, but as stated earlier, way too short. It is especially nice to see Angel use his wits as well as his fists. And his exchanges with Hamilton and Harmony are especially amusing.

As for the final scene? It’s open ended nature may not please a lot of viewers. But that is probably preferable to the writers trying to rush the ending any more than they were already forced to by “Your Friends At The WB.”

Season Five rocked. Season Six might have rocked, too. Or maybe not. Sadly, we’ll never know. But there is also something to be said for “quitting while you’re ahead.” Still, a few more episodes to give the writers more time to wrap-up the series would have been nice.

I’ll miss Angel both as a fan and as a reviewer. So thanks to Joss Whedon and company, and thanks to my readers.

Next week: The Angel Awards. Starting Monday, fans will be able to vote through the forums here. (editor's note -- on the afternoon of 5/28/04, our forum hosts lost connectivity. We're not sure when they'll be back up -- please come back and try again if you couldn't get in on Friday.) I’ll then present both the fan winners and my own picks at the end of the week.

Chris Crotty


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